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Every Thug Needs a Lady

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Thug filled lives of Jaz Kyra and Angel Clark now takes us into the uniue and unbelievable life of their best friend Roz She's sexy beaut. Every thug needs a The Worlds Wealthiest Losers us into the The greatest mentors in the Bible uniue and Gay on a Dare unbelievable life of their best friend Roz She's sexy beaut. Every thug needs a

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Every Thug Needs A Lady is the spellbinding seuel to Wahida Clark's Thugs And The Women Who Love Them After taking us through the rugged. out of all the boo

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Iful and a slave for the love of Trae her irresistable thuggish beau Will Roz and Trae's love survive The answers lie inside the pages of. Let me first say g

10 thoughts on “Every Thug Needs a Lady

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    Good seuel lots dramaemotionalfunny and has the same hypecrazy characterswell written paperback

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    out of all the books i read i would have to say this book was my favoriteonce i started reading the book i could not put it down

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    The name of the book i read was called Every Thug Needs a Lady by Wahida ClarkThe theme of this book is about the streets and loveThis book is about 4 main characters and is another oart to a book I previously read The main character Tasha just met Trey and they start to hang out alot and just do things togethor they hardlyy knew each other but something kept her coming back to him acouple months later they make it official and start to date they have 2 kids togethor and in the begiining of the book he was really violent but she didnt haver the guts to leave him Angel just got out of a serious relationship and wasnt looking for anyone or anything but time with her girls that she honestlyy would do anything for Tasha tried to leave the whole thug and huistling game thing behind but just like the men find it addicting so did she Her kids were twins and very annoying always arguing and making it hard for her They ended up tryna work there problems out and Angel met somebodyya s wellAnd they eventually started to get there act togethor and stop letting men run there lives This book was interesting because it elated to alot of things that happent odayy and to young kids Tasha at fisr let Trey bully her around and didnt say anything but then she got sick of it and stood up to himTis book made me relaize that we shouldnt let any guy push us around just because were scared to looose him When Tasha tells him to stop that she isnt gonna take it any it reminded me of things that happen everyday women in abusive relationships I would recoomnded this book to teens that think the streets is the onlyy answer and females that think that a guy is what they needin Conclusion i would agree that this book taught me alot and would help me maybe in the future

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    Not since crack hit the streets in the 80s has there been such a huge detriment to the black community as these so called urban novels I am sad and ashamed that so many people are reading these books Not only was the book not properly proof read but the plot was ridiculous and the characters were extra ignorant caricatures of every black stereotype imaginable My people we've got to do better

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    This is part two of the Thug Series written by Wahida Clark It follows the book 'Thugs and the Women who Love Them' This is probably my favorite book out of the series I read it in about a hour hour and half and loved every minute of it It talks about everything from drugs sex to dealing with the loss of a love to another love This book covers the love life of a woman and her new husband and the start of a new love It has drama comedy sadness death and love all wrapped into one book

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    Every thug needs a lady is a book of many conflicts and problems that is in a every day to day life Ithas many turns and twists It is something that everyone would want to read

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    Where do I start? I didn’t read part one and went straight into this book I didn’t know part one existed; this was my first read from this author The flow of the book made me feeling like I was a nameless character watching my all successful girlfriends go through it with their thugs This author filled in all the blanks without making the reader use their imagination From cornrows to the ending jail house visits the author didn’t miss a beat I read this book at work and was highly disappointed when my duties took me away from it Round of applause on a job well done

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    Let me first say girl Wahida ur da bomb I read this book like 20 times I jus luv the characters omg especially trae and kay i jus feel they are some real fine niggas lol but I truly luv ur books nitty gritty and raw and uncut ur da ueen girl keep doin ur thing

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    WONDERFUL this is my favorite book ever please buy this book you will not be disappointed

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    it waz a real good book and i enjoyed reading it i mean u should really read it no lie

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