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The Midnight Eye Guide to New Japanese Film

Tom Mes ↠ 9 Review

Cinema both live action and animated profiling 19 contemporary Japanese filmmakers from the well known Kitano Miike Miyazaki to the up and coming Naomi Kawase Satoshi Kon Shinya Tsukamoto and reviewing 97 of their recent films With 100 images.

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An eye opening portrait of a vibrant film culture The Midnight Eye Guide to New Japanese Film is the most comprehensive study of the Japanese filmmaking scene yet written Tom Mes and Jasper Sharp explore the astounding resurgence of Japanese.

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From behind and in front of the camera this is a book any film lover will savor Foreword by Hideo Nakata director of RingTom Mes in Paris and Jasper Sharp in Tokyo co edit Midnighteyecom the premier English language website on Japanese cinem.

About the Author: Tom Mes

As a film critic he has contributed to publications that include Film Comment Sight and Sound Rue Morgue De Filmkrant Kateigaho and many others He has provided liner notes and audio commentaries for numerous DVD releases of Japanese films around the world He also has a background in animation as a scriptwriter and storyboard artistTom Mes is a writer and translator of books

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    The Midnight Eye Guide To New Japanese Film by Tom Mes and Jasper Sharp is an invaluable source for recent Japanese film There are several books that cover the golden age of Japanese film from Mizoguchi to the new wave filmmakers of the 60s But this books fills in the gaps with people like Seijin Suzuki and Kinji Fukasaku Then it brings the reader up to date with the biggest names in contemporary film like Kiyoshi Kurosawa Takeshi Kitano Takashi Miike Hirokazu Kore eda and Naomi Kawase There are several other mainstream directors a section on studio Ghibu as well as reviews of other important films that encapsulate other significant directors like Junzo Itami in their review of Tampopo the late Satoshi Kan in their review of Perfect Blue and Oshima’s last film Gohatto All in all it contains reviews of 97 films and profiles 20 contemporary filmmakers It has given me several directions in which to enlarge my knowledge and appreciation for contemporary Japanese film It is an extremely useful reference book

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    Hands down the best book on modern Japanese film in English

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