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    What a great story two people that have been touched by such tragedy and grief and to find each other and love is just what the Doctor ordered Laine Phillips a top photographer has returnerd to the small town of Uralla that holds a lot of memories for her but she has built a brick wall around her heart and emotions DR Pierce Beaumont has moved to Uralla to get away from the life he had known and when they find each other the sparks fly and the emotional and beautiful journey begins with a few ups and downs to a wonderful HEA Don't miss this one it will have you smiling

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    Both Laine and Pierce have have a tragic childhood Which obviously leaves scars behind Laine really fights her attraction to Piece She has two rules she lives by Never date the models and no second datesLaine used to live in Uralla until her foster parents were killed Causing her to flee the town Now she is a top photographer living in NewYork Having promised herself she will never go back Laine takes on a job photographing the best of Austraila's gp's Everything goes fine till it's time to shoot Dr December The orginal doctor had to pull out and Pierce stepped in Forcing her to go back to the one place she never wanted to step a foot in again Laine and Pierce were likeable characters who had you wanting them to get it togetherOf course it takes a while to get to the HEAOne point of the book makes me want to shake some sense into Laine Having flees the benefit of the calendar Laine is waiting for a helicopter on the roof of the hotel Of course Pierce is chasing after her Laine blocks the door to stop him Forcing Pierce to have to face his fear of heights and climb a fire escape to reach her Laine knows he has had a fear of height ever since his parents died in a fire And he had to jump off the balcony How romantic of him to do that

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    Falling for Dr December by Susanne Hampton is a December 2014 Medical Mills and Boon releaseA beautiful and stunning tale of a rural Australian Doctor Pierce who's been contracted to be Dr December for a charity calendar which world famous New York photographer Laine Phillips is in town to shootA wickedly great opening which I can't elaborate without giving it away but I thought it was brilliant I was thoroughly caught up in Dr December from there on in and I enjoyed a warm and heart felt tale of two beautiful people inside and out who are both hesitant to admit the attraction each of them feel for each other Neither are the people they portray to be and they both feel like they've spent a life time hiding who they really are to protect themselvesDr Pierce is charming to young and old he's straight up and he's not one to take any rubbish from anyone especially a seemingly cold New Yorker who has no respect and walks out on his attempt at country hospitality There's something about the stunningly beautiful Laine that has him mystified her reactions to the locals is weird and his interest is definitely heightened despite her frosty natureLaine has her walls well up She is desperate to shoot Dr December and get out of town asap Why? You'll have to read to find out What Laine doesn't count on is for the gorgeously handsome Pierce to chip away at her walls wanting to know who she was inside At odds with her self she let's Pierce chip away a little When they get too close she hightails it out of townBeautiful descriptive writing filled with gentle humour sweet love and many well described medical emergencies that I really enjoyed I felt like I had a seat ringside I believed in the characters and I loved the sound of Uralla The medical drama's were exciting and I thought the story flowed brilliantly I was sad to reach the endI came home from my Christmas Holiday to find this and the most beautiful Christmas Card in my post thank you so much Susanne Hampton Congratulations on Book 3 and I can honestly say I loved Falling for Dr DecemberI recommend this story to all Medical Romance fans for anyone who loves a Sweet but exciting romance story with modern characters and an adorable hero

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    FALLING FOR DR DECEMBER by author Susanne Hampton is a MB and Harleuin Medical Romance series release for December 2014Laine Philips had left the small country town far behind and worked in big cities now as a renowned photographerBut on a photo shoot for a charity she has to come to the small town in Australia and shoot some photos of Dr Pierce Beaumont Dr December for her charity’s calendar She finds that she can’t get Pierce out of her mind even when she is not looking at him from behind the lens of her camera He is a kind considerate and a courageous person So when he invites her to spend time with him she can’t really say no can she?But could she walk away from Pierce? After all she is strictly a no strings attached kind of girlFALLING FOR DR DECEMBER has a gorgeous hero in Pierce he is tender and sensitive And Laine is a strong heroine who hides a mushy heart Author Susanne Hampton did a great job bringing these two characters on the page I loved this emotional story amid all the medical dramaHighly recommended for all readers of medical romance

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    Protecting one's heart is priority number one for all that have ever had to endure having it broken in the first place and this is Laine Phillips 's only rule She left Uralla twelve years ago and vowed never to return then she is forced to return Once there she meets scorchingly hot and very dangerous Dr Beaumont the man sends her heart racing and her temperature soaring but can he melt her frozen heart? I loved this read it was all kinds of sweet and definitely got my heart racing and sent those delicious romance butterflies spreading their wings of passion Dr Pierce was as kind and tender as he was hot and sexy Laine naturally was the heroine holding her own heart captive but love prevails and once she let go and Piece melted her defenses she easily became one of my favorite heroines of all time I stunning read about new beginnings that is guaranteed to melt any reader's heart 55 star review December brings a new beginning even for the most protected of hearts

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    Wow Great booklove the authors styleI am looking forward to her next book

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    Another wonderfully fluffy read enjoyed both stories They both made me smile and want to find my own rugged Dr to fall in love with ;

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Falling For Dr December

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E and to rely only on herself It's the only way to protect her heartBut when Laine is forced to return to Uralla for a charity calendar shoot the scorchingly attra. Falling for Dr December by Susanne Hampton is a December 2014

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When Laine Phillips left Uralla twelve years ago she vowed never to return Now a world famous photographer Laine only has two rules not to mix business and pleasur. Both Laine and Pierce have have a tragic childhood Which obvi

Download î eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ Susanne Hampton

Ctive and highly uncooperative Dr Pierce Beaumont begins to melt the barriers around her frozen heart Laine's soon breaking both her rulesand falling for Dr Decemb. Wow Great booklove the authors styleI am looking forward to h

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