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The Unexpected Choice

Stephanie Taylor î 4 characters

Efit one another Joey can provide Stacey with all she’s ever wanted a family But can Stacey teach him a few things along the way too356. Finally A sweet romance book that unashamedly has the word sexy in it not a few times AND a lot of juicy detail of their wedding night and the same for their newlywed life That's the biggest takeaway of this whole book Up until I read this I don't think I had never read anything like that before

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Friend and even though she’s a sweet girl nothing can compare to the feelings he has for his exJoey realizes that he and Stacey can ben. Every now and then you need a sweet and heartwarming storyand this is it I was invested in both the characters from beginning to end I couldn't wait for the end to see how things were going to end up for Joey and Stacy The hero of this story Joey has a lot of growth A few times during the book I wanted to give him a good talking to and ask him if he knew what he was doing But in the end he saw the light And I was so happyWhen you finish this story you'll walk away with your mind full of thoughts The author puts a lot of things into perspective especially with marriage If your looking for a read that will leave you feeling satisfied Check this one out

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Joey McCrary needs a wife and someone to help him raise his daughter after he made some poor choices in college Stacey has always been his. Every once in awhile you are lucky enough to read a book that sticks with you long after you've read it This is one of those books for me Joey and Stacey have known each other their entire lives and been friends for years Joey is back from college and Stacey's grandfather passes away soon after Due to some mistakes Joey made in college he needs to get married in order to gain custody of his daughter who is to be born soon His daughter's mother is in jail due to some bad choices she made herself Joey knows that Stacey would be a great wife and perhaps with time she could learn to love him and he could learn to love her The part that stuck with me is when Joey's mother gives Stacey advice about making a choice to love her husband each and every day I know at some point I have thought about love being a choice but I had never heard it put the way that she explained it I'm not exaggerating at all when I say that it made me reflect on each and every relationship I have and the choice I make in each one to love that person day in and day outThis is a wonderful book and I think anyone who reads it will love it as much as I do

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Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this nameStephanie Taylor is a mommy of three by day but moonlights as a writereditor and business owner by night She lives in Huntsville Alabama with her husband

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