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    Update I've just watched the film It's even better than the book by a long way It's very affectionate and very much played for gentle laughs The cast is fantastic some of the best actresses around including Eileen Atkins and Joanna Ab Fab Lumley Stephen Fry and Ian McKellan The attention to detail was stunning Everything had been thought of the lighting colours and even face makeup of the women changed to reflect the lessening of the stranglehold Aunt Ada Doom had on the Starkadders and the lightness that Robert Post's child Flora brought to the farm The ending was also an improvement on the 5 book If you like British films this is so typical of gentle British humour In an earlier decade it would have been an Ealing film I don't think it could have been made in the US as most of the actors weren't remotely good looking Even Elvine playing a mini Eliza Doolittle role an obvious pastiche was rather average and the sex obsessed and over fertile girl had been made up to look like an unwashed farm girl Only Kate Beckinsale who is not the world's most brilliant actress although she was competent here was allowed to be a beauty I do recommend the film And the book Rarely do I see a film much better than a really good book but this is it John Schlesinger and Stella Gibbons author and director geniuses bothWhen Aunt Ada Doom was just a small child she saw something nasty in the woodshed And if it didn't blight her entire life she certainly made sure it would blight or at least add even blight to everyone else at Cold Comfort Farm the family home and ancestral seat of the StarkaddersEssentially this is the American tv series the Hillbillies rewritten for 1930s Sussex and parodying Hardy Lawrence and various other Great British Writers but is related to the Hillbillies with incest hellfire strange obsessions cows and all manner of people who all have mental or emotional problems of the darker malign sort Into this maelstrom of petty evil fear and ineptness come the heroine Flora Poste is the posh city cousin fallen on hard times whose father the Starkadders did something unmentionable to and feel guilty about so when she has nowhere to go they take her in But not willingly She sorts them all out and brings them from their ignorant Gothic y insular life into the modern world It is a ridiculously funny novel not as literary as the parodying might suggest I haven't seen the film of it only just learned there was one which was apparently brilliant and stars top British actors and actresses as opposed to 'stars' famous for their beauty than any thespian ability Sometimes I don't want to see the film of a favourite book in case the director hasn't seen it the same way as I have but this time I want to Finished 26 Dec 2011Book review 19 May 2015Film Review 24 May 2015

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    I imagine that Stella Gibbons wrote Cold Comfort Farm from the artfully distressed comfort of a small garret like room Clad in a light tweed and perched gracefully in front of an oversized front strike Smith Corona type writer with a cup of tea in bone china cup and saucer just out of reach of the return of the barrel of the typewriter I can also imagine her gently cackling to herself in polite and proper manner as she clattered out the lines which would come together to form the world of Cold Comfort Farm; Postes Starkadders Beetles Myburns and allFlora Poste is bright eyed knowing impossibly perky and recently orphaned if indeed 20 somthing ladies can be orphans Apparently penniless with only £100 per year to her name this was thought to be a paltry sum in Jane Austen's day so clearly young Ms Poste is gently skulling up financial shit creek she throws herself upon the mercy of her relatives and with jutting chin and determined step strikes out boldly for Sussex and Cold Comfort Farm There she is greeted by the biblically populous and biblically named Starkadder clan who are all the proud owners of names which make them sound much like extras in Lord of the Rings than gentle farming folk Amos has his religion Aunt Ada has her memories of something nasty in the woodshed Elfine has her nature walks Reuben has his chickens Urk has his watervole obsession Judith has Seth and Seth well Seth has had just about everything with a pulse between Cold Comfort and Howling Speaking from personal experience farms are not places where you are encouraged to either lie abed think genteel thoughts or sit around doing nothing all day aside from acting as a kind of graceful mobile decoration to the general day to day background Accordingly Flora Poste decides to engage herself in useful farm based activies none of which actually involve agriculture or animal husbandry of any sort Much better to take in hand the wayward social sexual and psychological issues of the family at large And this she does with some aplomb although to fill in the detail would be a big old spoiler so you should just go and read this surprisingly enjoyable book instead This book made it to the 1001 list for being an incisive and witty dissection of rural life as seen through the eyes of a chic urbane invader or something like that

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    This may be one of the funniest books ever written and I pick it up whenever I feel inclined to have a whine and a moan The protagonist Flora Poste is a bracing antidote for anyone inclined to be a sad sack A student of the higher common sense she understands that there are few troubles in life than cannot be set to rights or at least ameliorated by good hygiene good manners correct thoughts and the proper foundation garmentsWhat I admire most about Flora is her unwillingness to give in to the artistic fashion of celebrating the misery of the human condition Rather than getting ensnared in the sukebind of life she believes we must wield our scrantlets Nature she says is all very well in her place but she must not be allowed to make things untidyThis edition of the book has the added pleasure of an appreciation of Stella Gibbons in the form of an introduction by Lynn Truss in which we are treated to hear what Virgina Woolf a bit of a sad sack herself had to say about Gibbons and irreverant cover illustrations by Roz Chast whose style will be instantly recognizable to New Yorker readers In fact my one criticism of this edition is that it isn't illustrated throughoutBeyond the benefits of humor this book has been invaluable as my first introduction to the works of the Abbe Fausse Maigre which have provided guidance and inspiration throughout my life

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    If you're into stuff like this you can read the full reviewMuriel Spark ish Tartness Cold Comfort Farm by Stella GibbonsThe first two thirds of it are much funnier than the last third Everything gets wrapped up incredibly neatly which I suppose is the whole point but it means there isn't a breath of air in the last pages and you almost yearn for something to upset Flora's plans at the last minute That said it's uite witty and clever throughout and Stella Gibbons' sentence construction is a thing to behold she kind of combines mid twentieth century Muriel Spark ish tartness with the flawless rolling rhythm of the Victorian sentence or something like that I can't believe this was her first novel; it's so poised I did wonder why the novel is set 'in the near future' and why there's all the emphasis on flying and other kinds of technologies Just to point up the primitiveness of Cold Comfort Farm?   If you're into Mundane Literature of the Victorian kind read on 

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    Cold Comfort Farm is a stinging satire and outrageously funny parody of the literature about rural English farm life especially by Sheila Kaye Smith Mary Webb and to a lesser extent DH Lawrence and Thomas Hardy I haven't read much by the former mentioned authors to appreciate the full extent of Gibbons jabs but it doesn't matter because the humor is obvious Gibbons writing was very clever and her cast of characters would have made Dickens proud Very funny and very entertaining 45 stars

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    Nineteen year old Flora Poste freshly orphaned and impossibly jaunty decides to live with strange barely civilized relatives in rural Sussex The Starkadders are a mix of fire and brimstone religiosity untrammeled sexual urges pathological family ties feigned mental illness and general slovenliness Cold Comfort Farm is a 1932 parody of Thomas Hardy the Brontës and DH Lawrence with themes of Pygmalion and the meddling of Emma Woodhouse thrown in and jabs at Eugene O'Neill avant garde film and Freud It's kind of a hot mess actually The most flattering thing that can be said about it is that it's clever for example in this passage taking aim at Lawrence The reply came with clotted rage but behind the rage were traces of some other and obscure emotion; a bright eyed grubbing in the lore of farmyard and bin a hint of the casual lusts of chicken house and duck pond a racy yeasty posty toasty interest in the sordid drama of man's eternal blind attack and woman's inevitable yielding and lossI'm not sure who exactly is being mocked here but I laughed at the absurd geometries of the farm Its stables and outhouses were built in the shape of a rough octangle surrounding the farmhouse itself which was built in the shape of a rough triangle The left point of the triangle abutted on the farthest point of the octangle which was formed by the cowsheds which lay parallel with the big barnLeaving the house by the back door you came up sharply against a stone wall running right across the yard and turning abruptly at right angles just before it reached the shed where the bull was housed and running down to the gate leading out into the ragged garden where mallows dog's body and wild turnip were running riot The bull's shed abutted upon the right corner of the dairy which faced the cowsheds The cowsheds faced the house but the back door faced the bull's shed From here a long roofed barn extended the whole length of the octangle until it reached the house Here it took a uick turn and endedThe dairy overlooked the front door in face of the extreme point of the triangle which formed the ancient buildings of the farmhouseFrom the dairy a wall extended which formed the right hand boundary of the octangle joining the bull's shed and the pigpens at the extreme end of the right point of the triangle A staircase put in to make it difficult ran parallel with the octangle half way round the yard against the wall which led down to the garden gateBut it's also overly knowing and twee Gibbons actually indicates in the text what I consider the finer passages with one two or three stars in the manner of a Baedeker travel guide recommending a hotel You can't escape the fact that you're constantly being winked at which after 200 pages feels like being bludgeoned with cudgels

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    Read as part of The Infinite Variety Reading Challenge based on the BBC's Big Read Poll of 2003 For if she lived at Cold Comfort as a guest it would be unpardonable impertinence were she to interfere with the family's mode of living; but if she were paying her way she could interfere as much as she pleased A wonderful novel possibly the only modern classic I will ever fully enjoy Not a comedy but a satire but done with a love for pastoral classical writing that I think the author felt slightly embarrassed by Think of Austen's Emma and you have the protagonist Flora Think of Bertha Mason of Thornfield Hall and you have Aunt Ada Doom but each pulled and twisted to become extremes There are smatterings of Heathcliffe Bathsheba and all the other archetypes of Classical Literature Great writing though often too short and blunt though we can blame my love of lengthy Victorian prose for this Modern Classics are often written as an antithesis to the ridiculously long Classics yet condensation is not always welcome Gibbons does it very well here and with a humour that is both mild and forthcoming It is a Modern Classic with no grudges except perhaps just a desire to be a little to the point Flora seated herself upon the bed and read aloud from the Pensées Can we be sure that an elephant's real name is elephant? Only mankind presumes to name God's creature; God himself is silent upon the matterBlog | Reviews | Instagram | Twitter

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    THIS BOOK RULESI mean seriously oh my god It's funny Flora our protagonist is a feminist ueen of getting sht done and not taking anything from any man ever in the history of time All the characters are hilarious The language and voice are unreal I want to live inside this bookWell just kidding All of my trying to move in and permanently inhabit a fictional world energies are currently taken up by the film Mamma Mia Here We Go Again 2018 I am really tryna become Lily James as a young Meryl Streep Donna I am purely certain that I could handle the whole Sam situation much better and end up with him in the end but also still get with Harry and Bill in the intervalSOMEONE TALK ABOUT MAMMA MIA WITH ME I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW MUCH I LOVE ITBut the book I love the book tooBottom line Stella Gibbons you are a goddess among men and this book is DOPE AS HELL Sorry it's the only thing you're remembered for in spite of a long and productive career as a novelist but also can you blame reading audiences the world over??? This is good sht

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    Best satiric novel ever written bar none I loved the movie too

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    Virginia Woolf is enraged she writes to Elizabeth Bowen in 1932 that the esteemed Prix Etranger award has gone to someone named Stella Gibbons Who is she? she asks What is this book?The Starkadders were not like most families Life burned in them with a fiercer edgeAnd when Flora Poste is flung among them in their great crouching rotting farm she immediately commences meddling She aspires to write Persuasion but she's of an Emma herself Emma accidentally transported to Northanger Abbey to find the Earnshaws suatting there There'll be no butter in hellBut Flora is a tidy person Unless everything is tidy and pleasant and comfortable all about one people cannot even begin to enjoy life I cannot endure messes So she promptly sets about tidying things tidying things for Hardyan rake Seth Pygmalion ready Elfine brimstone breathing Amos and even for poor Aunt Ada Doom name your cat that who saw something nasty in the woodshed which does beg the uestion has there ever been anything in a woodshed that was not nasty? Don't say wood Leave wood in a woodshed for ten minutes and it's teeming with centipedes yes I spent 20 minutes making that video yes it was an excellent use of my timeThis is a very funny book I don't know how far funny takes us Is funny alone enough to make a book great? And does literature have any sort of obligation to give good advice? Because no one should actually be like Flora Flora works only in a very tidy world In the untidy real world people like Flora don't get invited to partiesGibbons is a little too pleased with herself by the end which goes on like the last scene in Star Wars We still have uestions Did the goat live? Will anyone ever find Graceless's leg which fell off and no one even noticed for half a day?To answer Virginia Woolf's uestion Stella Gibbons wrote 22 books but we remember only this one which has survived all this time because everyone just likes it very much It has pound for pound the best names this side of Dickens It's very funny and very tidy There are worse things to give the Prix Etranger to

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; their sons lustful Seth and despairing Reuben; child of nature Elfine; and crazed old Aunt Ada Doom who has kept to her bedroom for the last twenty years But Flora loves nothing better than to organise other people Armed with common sense and a strong will she resolves to take each of the family in hand A hilarious and ruthless parody of rural melodramas and purp. If you're into stuf Best of Chocolat nature Elfine; and crazed old Aunt Ada Doom who has kept to her bedroom for the last twenty years But Flora loves Mini mugcake Milka 2 tasses nothing better than to organise other people Armed with common sense and a strong will she resolves to take each of the family in hand A hilarious and ruthless parody of rural melodramas and purp. If you're into stuf

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A witty portrait of rural England in the early twentieth century When sensible sophisticated Flora Poste is orphaned at nineteen she decides her only choice is to descend upon relatives in deepest Sussex At the aptly named Cold Comfort Farm she meets the doomed Starkadders cousin Judith heaving with remorse for unspoken wickedness; Amos preaching fire and damnation. I imagine that Stel Chocolats maison nineteen she decides her only choice is to descend upon relatives in deepest Sussex At the aptly Marmiton Fondu de chocolat ! Les recettes incontournables named Cold Comfort Farm she meets the doomed Starkadders cousin Judith heaving with remorse for unspoken wickedness; Amos preaching fire and damnation. I imagine that Stel

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Le prose Cold Comfort Farm is one of the best loved comic novels of all timeStella Gibbons 1932 89 novelist poet and short story writer was educated at North London Collegiate School and studied journalism at University College London She then worked for ten years on various papers including the Evening Standard and published several books of poetry and short stori. Best satiric novel