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Gay for Play

Sarah Sethline ↠ 9 read

It crossed my mind that maybe I should pull out and spare him the creampie that was sure to drip for days but I just couldn't bring myself to do it I knew I would hate myself later if I passed on the chance to explode within him Carl has a problem A tall tight close to home pro.

summary Gay for Play

Ghty little bottom to satisfy his deepest most taboo desires but fortunately for Carl it doesn't go uite the way he plans Note This is the gay version of His Naughty Little Plaything It follows the same storyline but has been reworked so it can be enjoyed by fans of the MM genr.

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Blem named Harry There are all sorts of wrongful things he'd love to do to him; naughty things taboo things forbidden things Hoping to keep his insane lust in check Carl places an ad on Greg's List a hub for hot desperate newly adult guys with dddy issues He's looking for a nau.

About the Author: Sarah Sethline

Sarah Sarah Sethline is the nice sweet girl sitting next to you at the coffee shop who you would never expect secretly writes such naughty things She doesn't shy away from what many consider taboo and if you don't either you've come to the right placeAll of Sarah's erotica is light on the fluff but heavy on the hot and heavy In other words she won't waste your time in order to get you off If you're looking for a VERY dirty read look no further Want to stay updated on new releases and special promotions

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    This little book was a strange brew The seuencing of the content was bizarreThis is an 85 page book It featured a fun raunchy pseudo incestuous story with no plot To my extreme annoyance 48% into the alleged 85 pages the book portion of the book abruptly ended Naturally this really ruffled my feathersespecially because I'm participating in a challenge where every book has to be a minimum of 68 pages With the actual story being only 41 pages I was screwed Alas I figured I would just chock it up to a waste of time stay justifiably irritated for about 15 minutes and then move on with my life But upon further investigation it turned out that this was just the first section of a book that was actually comprised of three distinct sectionsThe second section took up the next 20% of the book I could only describe this portion as an anthology of excerpts made up entirely of teasers from other books available for purchase by the featured author I was apalled This chick had a lot of nerveadvertising books which are made up of over 50% advertisements The only consolation was that if I pushed on and read all of the excerpts I would get the 68 pages I needed for my challenge So I proceeded to start multiple books that I would never finish Yes that is as irritating as is soundsBut waitthere's Much to my surprise at the 68% mark of the book there was a complete second story which took up the rest of the book I had mixed feelings about this On the one hand a touch of math revealed that the two stories combined yielded exactly 68 pages which meant the book legitimately met the reuired page count for my challenge On the other hand it turned out that I could have skipped the whole anthology of excerpts The second story was also uite tedious Unfortunately this significantly postponed the end of a book that I was eagerly anticipating after trudging through the anthology if excerptsTo explain the 3 star reviewit had one short story which I enjoyed a positive It had the anthology of excerpts which I did not enjoy a negative There was a bonus second story which allowed me to meet my challenge reuirements a positive I did not enjoy it a negative The book was free a positive In conclusion with three positives and two negatives I gave it three stars instead of two stars It came down to simple math really

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    Strangely whenever a book says Taboo it seems to be not really taboo It may be morality or what our society dictates but it usually is not blood related relations So am I compromised by liking to read stories like that? They are out there because there are people who want to read it Does it make me a pervert? The sex is hot though

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    Short but an ok read

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