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    I wanted this book to be better than it was The subject matter two teenaged girls in love in Tehran is interesting and there are some wonderful details I was tempted to add my horror tag to this one because sweet molasses it's no joke living under a repressive religious regime If The Handmaid's Tale gave you the willies and it should have then dwelling for a bit on the realities of a culture that insists on covering women from head to toe and likes to stone gay people to death will really curl your hairSo it's a shame that this book isn't better written It's short but it should be shorter too many pages are given over to reminders that homosexuality is illegal in case you've forgotten about that since the last sentence and to pointless back and forth between the protagonist and her girlfriend The relationship between the girls should be complex and multi leveled our protagonist Sahar is poorer plumper and smarter than her beloved Nasrin who treats her at times like a faithful dog and at other times like her best beloved But it falls flat because the book straps on a passel of clichés and skims along the surface of things telling us that Sahar tries not to drool when Nasrin looks beautiful that she knows Nasrin is shallow but just can't help loving her that Sahar's heart is breaking and so on It's here that the book could spend time going into the idiosyncratic details of their relationship and life together Instead it jogs along at a brisk clip and we have to take Sahar's word for the emotional underpinningsThere are some great details especially for a reader like me who isn't familiar at all with this world When Sahar gets into a physical fight with another woman in a restaurant the male bouncers who rush over are prohibited to touch them because they're women so they end up like limping penguins trying to get between the women with their chests puffed out and their hands behind their backs When Sahar falls in with her crafty gay cousin Ali's friends she discovers a world of government sponsored transsexuals Apparently the Iranian government will help pay for sexual reassignment surgery because there's nothing in the Koran that says it's a sin This has pros and cons for true transsexuals there's some measure of social support Some gays though are forced to have the surgery in order to make them fit the social mold A gay man is forced to become MTF so that his relationship with another man will be socially acceptable Needless to say the process destroys himOverall this is a story about a tumultuous passage for Nasrin and Sahar but it's not the end of the road After Nasrin is married off to her respectable hunky doctor husband and Sahar continues on to university the same uestions remain Nasrin may find some happiness in her family but her life will be circumscribed and she'll never be her true self Sahar's path is open but when she meets another girl in university who shows interest in her and considers whether she's attracted in returnwhat then? If she lives in Iran she can never be in an open relationship with another woman The penalties for discovery are mortal There's some suggestion that she may go to Istanbul where Ali has moved after his predictable beating at the hands of the police But her aging father lives in Tehran and Sahar herself feels strongly Iranian It's unclear whether she'll be able to extricate herself from her toxic country in order to have a full life and if she does how safe she will be in Istanbul or wherever she goes nextSobering stuff and I wish I could say it was artfully told I think this is the author's first novel so she may be back with another effort Please scene less summary Whatever technical flaws this book has it has heart And that's really the important thing Technical stuff you can learn with a good editor and some hard work Heart just has to happen

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    This was very different from anything I've read before A very short book at only a little over 200 pages If You Could Be Mine examines not only life in Iran but life in Iran for a young girl in love with her best friend Nasrin From a very young age Sahar knew she wanted to many Nasrin and spend her whole life with her they've been in a secret relationship for years now and being found out could mean imprisonment at the very least for these two This was my first book set in Iran and I found the culture and laws uite intimidating Even though I'm not blind to what life is like in that country especially for women it was still shocking to find out the extent of it all that still exists to this day For instance a woman can get arrested sent to prison to be raped and abused all because she showed her elbow in public This part of the story held my interest completely I wish it had gone further in showing Iran though; the beliefs and culture the ways of life I feel like the setting had so much untouched potential Don't get me wrong the book does give off a decent feel of its country it simply isn't explored as much as it could have been or as much as I was hoping at least The main topic in this novel revolves around what it's like to be gay in a country such as Iran the dangers and obstacles that are encountered are appalling As it's against the law to have a relationship with the same sex except if you get a sex change sex changes are common amongst young and old They're even encouraged when someone finds themselves uestioning their sexuality Sahar thinks this is what she needs to do to get Nasrin to cancel her engagement The love she has for this girl burns so intensely that it was almost unbearable at times She was willing to throw her whole life away for a girl who doesn't even seem to be on the same page Not that I blame Nasrin either with laws and her family hanging over her head She's taking the easy road the majority would take It's an incredibly difficult situation; I felt sympathetic towards them both Sahar is an especially likeable character with a sometimes sarcastic always passionate personality Nasrin burns with confidence and a happy perfect life is all planned out but we come to see her facade for what it is A few side characters play a big part in this story as well and become Sahar's support group throughout I enjoyed Ali the most his god like status amongst his people is kind of awe inspiring and made me very much curious as to what he was up to I'm a little disappointed that this part of the story was never really explained however other than a few assumptions made in passing Though I understand that his story was meant to stay in the background Maybe to lend a bit of an extravagant vibe while at it All in all If You Could Be Mine is a uick read that has a surprising amount of character depth an exceptionally uniue premise and a realistic ending that is greatly appreciated I do feel like the story missed the oomph factor it needed to make it truly extraordinary Even so it's one I predict I will not forget so easily An advance copy was provided by the publisher for reviewFor of my reviews visit my blog at Xpresso Reads

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    WE NEED DIVERSE BOOKSIf You Could Be Mine tells the story of Sahar an intelligent ambitious teenager living in Iran who is in love with her best friend Nasrin Iran is a dangerous place to be out of the closet although there is hidden gay community which Sahar is introduced to by her cousin Ali It is at a party at Ali’s house that Sahar meets Parveen a beautiful trans woman Ali explains to her that the Iranian government sees trans people as a mistake made by God a soul born into a wrongly gendered body They’re not only accepting of transitioning they will pay for gender re assignment surgeries Sahar wants nothing than to be able to marry Nasrin and take care of her forever but she also knows that if she transitioned she would just be living another lie If You Could Be Mine is written with simple clear language accessible by both YA readers and a potentially younger audience I was brought along by the story’s narrative even as I learned a great deal about Iran its gender and sexuality politics and the wealth of culture there

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    Although this book contains important representation of what it is like being gay and having an intimate relationship that is perceived as wrong and sinful in society's eyes there were a lot of things in this book that did not sit well with me Follows Sahar an Iranian teen who is in love with her childhood best friend Nasrin and their complicated and tenuous situation when Nasrin is engaged to a man I think the exploration of internalised anti gay sentiment and the experience of being gay in a place where being gay is not accepted were important The book also examines cultural values navigating cultural values that clash with what defines you as a person and the weight of sacrifices in a relationship However I felt really uncomfortable with the trans subplot view spoilerPlease please correct me if I'm wrong or if I'm speaking out of ignorance but Because being trans is regarded to be an 'illness' in Iranian society Sahar out of desperation and love for Nasrin sets out to leverage society's perceptions of trans people and transition to a man so she hide her sexuality and can be with Nasrin and that was just so icky to me? More so because I felt like there wasn't enough development or nuance or any depth? In addition the trans characters in the book weren't developed enough so that mixed with this didn't sit well with me hide spoiler

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    I'm sorry but noI appreciate that the author is obviously trying to write important social commentary but it's too bad that the characters are pretty unlikeable The story revolves around the relationship between two young girls in Iran In order to forestall the marriage of one the other proposes a sex change apparently legal even encouraged in Iran so that they can be together No problem so farExcept our heroine spends half the book thinking this is some minor operation that can happen before the wedding And she obviously has no love for the regime so why don't the pair consider something less dramatic like leaving the country It's revealed they have the means Oh and when I say pair it really helps if you tell the girl you love that you plan to do this To my mind this is all evidence of a plot not fully thought throughAfter finishing this I realized it was a teen book That explains the tame same sex love Fine But it doesn't explain the lack of depth to the characters I've seen plenty of teen books with great characters It just all feels a bit lazy

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    This review can also be found at is in love with her friend Nasrin But there's a problem they're both girls and they live in Iran where being gay can get you killed Sahar has trouble imagining a life without Nasrin so when Nasrin gets engaged she comes up with a drastic solution; become a man As Sahar struggles with the uncertainty of the future and the prejudice present in her society she meets some new friends and spends time with her gay cousin Ali She forms a plan to stop Nasrin's marriage and hopes for a happily ever after but she is unsure of whether she will go through with itI wasn't planning on reading this book because it sounded too sad for me but my book club voted it as one of the books of the month and it was in my library so I picked it up I can say that I was absolutely correct this is an incredibly sad book I struggled reading about all of the things that Sahar had to deal with and I did my best to prevent myself from crying while I read However at the end of the book I did shed some tears The most striking thing about this novel in my opinion is how raw it is Sahar's narration doesn't hold anything back and reading about her hopes and fears was heartbreaking I couldn't put the book down This book isn't the type of thing that I usually read but I am so glad that I picked it upThis story made me really stop and think I thought about how lucky I am to live where I do and reading about Sahar's situation made me so grateful that I have basic rights which aren't really compromised due to my sexuality as opposed to what she was facing It also made me angry Very very angry that people have to live in places where they fear being jailed or even killed for who they are and who they love I feel like this book is a sort of call to action to readers to look into what hardships LGBT people face in other countries and maybe to consider helping them in whatever way possibleAside from the highly emotional aspect Sahar's character was extremely likeable and she had a uniue and memorable voice She stuck out to me because of her struggles and her internal dialogue and narration and I think that she was the perfect choice for a narrator I feel that if Nasrin were narrating I might not feel the same connection considering that some descriptions of her made her seem selfish or inconsistent I can't say much concerning the accuracy of the author's portrayal of the setting however I can say that I found myself fully immersed in the story and setting and that it was easy to understand what was going on despite cultural differences terms et cetera I understood the danger that Sahar faced in her country and the rules and regulations very easily as the author explained them well through Sahar's voice While I recommend this book to anyone looking for emotional YA and LGBT books I do want to say that I think that very sensitive readers might want to steer clear of this one There are upsetting situations which could hit close to home for some people and the theme of homophobia is rather dark considering the risk of violence and deathAs I mentioned this book will be enjoyed by those looking for emotional YA andor LGBT stories If you're interested in a book that deals with being LGBT in a country where it's illegal to have same sex relationships this book is for you

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    Find this and other Reviews at In Tori Lex Actual Rating 35 StarsThe subject matter of this book gave great insight into how homosexuality is treated in Iran Being hung imprisoned or beaten by the police are horrible conseuences for expressing your love of the same sex Sahar and Nasrin were opposite in many ways but somehow found a way to fit together  Their lesbian relationship is compromised and further complicated when Nasrin gets engaged Sahar seriously considers sex reassignment surgery so that she can one day marry Nasrin that came off as strange and naive to me As careful as Sahar tries to be about being found out as a lesbian I couldn't see her even considering such a drastic decision Smile and don't worry so much See the swinging bodies in the suare? Smile and don't worry so much Can't be with the person that you love because it's against the law? Smile damn it The characters were realistic but the naivete of Sahar and Nasrin frustrated me alot while reading Alix Sahar's older cousin and Parveen were refreshing personality's who did balance some of that frustration out Nasrin was my least favorite character because her selfishness and vanity was brushed off too many times by the people around her Sahar grows up in this book and becomes like able because of it The novel is illuminating because it gives you insight into a different culture and place I've learned and thought   about how difficult becoming and living as a transsexual is That's what kept me reading and what I enjoyed the most

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    I read this YA novel for the #ReadProud challenge Week 3I had mixed feelings about it It was short and a uick read with some interesting and sharp tongued characterization but not all the character portrayals worked for me If You Could Be Mine was a novel about forbidden love between girls but the actual love was somehow missing the protagonist and point of view character seemed constantly annoyed with her love interest and the two of them barely talked even about life changing decisionsI felt that the background information about the setting present day Iran was sometimes a bit too detailed and lecture y but I don't know how much American teenagers know about IranI also thought that if the author wanted to emphasize the tension between trans people being accepted than cis gay and lesbian people at least in the eyes of the law in Iran rather than vice versa as in the West taking the story in of a migrant narrative direction might have worked better because then this conflict could have been made explicit Spoiler view spoilerone person does end up leaving the country but he also leaves the narrative for the most part after that hide spoiler

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    If You Could Be Mine is one of those books that I'm glad I read It tackles and interesting topic two girls who are in love with each other in Iran where they have to hide their affection or risk death What makes this book interesting is the sliver of Middle Eastern culture that it shows especially regarding transexuals Apparently in Iran being born in the wrong body is considered a disease not a sin and you can change sexes with government aid Whereas homosexuals might be killed transexuals will likely be judged but allowed to existThis book was of a love story than I expected I knew that was central to the plot but I had trouble buying into the relationship Part of problem for me was that apparently the Sahar has wanted to marry her friend Nasrin since she was six Rather than see their relationship developed as readers we're thrown into the middle of Sahar's lovesick devotion Because we're following Sahar the love story almost always feels one sided and unhealthy Even though Nasrin is attracted to Sahar it's clear that she never intended for the relationship to continue into adulthood Nasrin comes across as selfish and spoiled whereas Sahar comes across as a devoted little puppy following Nasrin around The unbalance in the relationship was difficult for me to swallow especially when Sahar is considering a sex change to be with NasrinThis book is a bit of a mixed bag I'd say it's worth reading if you're interested in homosexuality in an oppressive culture but it's also uite flawed It focuses too much on the unhealthy unbalanced high school relationship which takes away from the potential important discussion on transsexuality and homosexuality It's hard to root for Sahar when you feel like she's better off without Nasrin especially when the book is so centered on Sahar trying to keep the relationship going As a reviewer I know I should give you a neat wrapped up conclusion summarizing this book But I can't I find the topic interesting but the execution sloppy but it's such a uniue subject it's hard not to recommend for the little interesting tidbits immersed in the overly romanticized plot I received an advance reading copy in exchange for an honest review For this review and check out my blog Galavanting Girl Books

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    There was so much potential here but it never uite came together This was rushed unpolished and with a few rounds of revision it could have gone into something really great Sahar has always loved her best friend Nasrin But their love is beyond that of best friends it's romantic But this is Iran and their relationship is not just illegal but it's one that could get them severely punished When Nasrin's offer her hand to an older man in marriage Sahar's world falls apart She's not sure how she'll be able to carry on without Nasrin as her romantic interestIt's through Sahar's cousin though where she meets a woman who is utterly beautiful who as it turns out is transsexual In Iran it's okay to be a transsexual and go through the entire procedure For Sahar this is the moment she realizes that maybe she can be with Nasrin But is the operation the right choice?At a sparse 250 pages Farizan attempts to showcase a heart felt romance between two Iranian girls Except it feels entirely one sided and unreciprocated by Nasrin Worse the relationship history is given exceedingly short shrift at one chapter opening the story There's no time for the reader to invest in the girls or their relationship and as as result it never uite makes sense why Sahar would seriously consider surgery so she could be with Nasrin When the issue of reassignment surgery comes up it's also given short shrift Sahar is completely uneducated which is realistic and expected given her desire to make it happen uickly but she never consults with Nasrin on this So she wants to have the surgery specifically to be with Nasrin except she's never going to tell Nasrin how much she's invested in the relationship Enough to make a LIFE ALTERING DECISION to be with herThere's a disconnect between what Sahar feels and what we as readers see and feel along with her It feels as though there's a window up between the two the blinds only letting in the slightest light With such a heavy and potentially dynamic story here not getting insight into Sahar's feelings into the depths of her longing and desire for Nasrin it's hard to buy the bigger premise Not to mention the rushed ending the too pat conclusion view spoiler I love her and I have to let go which is a sentiment I think is trite and ridiculous anyway hide spoiler

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Nounce that they’ve arranged for her marriage Nasrin tries to persuade Sahar that they can go on as they have been only now with new comforts provided by the decent well to do doctor Nasrin will marry But Sahar dreams of loving Nasrin exclusively and openlyThen Sahar discovers what seems like the perfect solution In Iran homosexuality may. I'm sorry but n Alice 19th, Tome 5 : persuade Sahar that they can go on as they have been only now with new comforts Alice 19th, Tome 7 : "Lost words" : Les mots perdus provided by the decent well to do doctor Nasrin will marry But Sahar dreams of loving Nasrin exclusively and openlyThen Sahar discovers what seems like the LDK T01 perfect solution In Iran homosexuality may. I'm sorry but n

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Seventeen year old Sahar has been in love with her best friend Nasrin since they were six They’ve shared stolen kisses and romantic promises But Iran is a dangerous place for two girls in love Sahar and Nasrin could be beaten imprisoned even executed if their relationship came to lightSo they carry on in secret until Nasrin’s parents an. WE NEED DIVERSE Nana, tome 2 promises But Iran is a dangerous Doubt T01 (01) place for two girls in love Sahar and Nasrin could be beaten imprisoned even executed if their relationship came to lightSo they carry on in secret until Nasrin’s Nana, tome 4 parents an. WE NEED DIVERSE

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Be a crime but to be a man trapped in a woman’s body is seen as nature’s mistake and sex reassignment is legal and accessible As a man Sahar could be the one to marry Nasrin Sahar will never be able to love the one she wants in the body she wants to be loved in without risking her life Is saving her love worth sacrificing her true self. If You Could Be