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The American Anomaly

summary The American Anomaly

Isings; recent political upheavals in Venezuela Zimbabwe South Korea and Brazil; the global reassertion of Russian power and its possible manipulation of the US election; and the steady growth of China's global military and economic roleA substantive update to the domestic policy chapter in light of the return of unified Republican control in Washington DC and to the foreign policy chapter taking into account isolationist and unlateralist thinking in the Trump administrationUpdated tables and charts comparing major democratic political systems; expanded further reading suggestions; and revised discussion uestions and Web based exercises throughout the bo.

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Itical developments such as the Black Lives Matter and Antifa left wing groups the rise of the Alt Right and resurgent nationalism and youth led movements for immigration reform and gun violence preventionA newly developed chapter offering a comparative perspective on US public opinion and mass media including social media; includes a new case study focused on post Communist Russia and a chart on comparative freedom of the pressThe contextualizing of emerging political memes such as fake news alternative facts the deep state Brexit and #MeTooUpdates to examples from other countries including challenges to the European Union; the aftermath of the Arab Upr.

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The American Anomaly systematically analyzes the US political system by way of comparison with other countries especially other industrialized democracies It is organized into four sections respectively covering the constitutional order governmental institutions political participation and public policy Extended case studies and examples in each chapter draw on all the major regions of the worldThoroughly revised throughout the fourth edition includesUpdates to reflect events including the anomalous presidential election of 2016 the start of the unconventional presidency of Donald Trump and shifting partisan dynamics within CongressCoverage of recent pol.

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