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Mportant why did Lilian feel compelled to keep David in the dark about it allBurdened by a secret of his own David dares to stay in Harlem just long enough to stave off the threat to his family home and answer uestions about Lilian's death Entering her world he rediscovers what he left behind a place of suffocating class strictures seductive patrons and aristocratic civil rights leaders His inuiry takes him from the wealthy salons of Renaissance Harle. As a murder mystery I suspected where this was going well before the end But that doesn't matter because what this is really is a historical novel which evokes the period of the Harlem Renaissance a period in which in the brown bag rule was sadly in full effect in Black society and chillingly a period in which in most of the country lynch law was the rule of the day I know some peer reviewers here think Walker's later straight forward mystery novels also set in the Harlem Renaissance era are the better books but somehow I suspect this early literary novel may be the better work of art But I certainly plan on reading her later novels as well I'm sure they will be worth it

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Four years after dropping out of Harlem society David McKay a handsome young lawyer from a prominent Strivers' Row family returns home devastated by the news of his sister Lilian's suicide What caused his once stable gentle sister to take her own life Why did she marry Jameson Sweet giving a man she barely knew a claim to the family home What caused her flamboyant twin Gem to return to Harlem from Paris forge new bonds and suddenly depart again Most i. My thoughts• I have read other novels mysteries by the author and enjoyed them But I will have to say this is my least favorite of her books• While I like character driven plots than action driven plots – I am not a fan of the stream of consciousness literary techniue So the beginning of the book where this was used the most made the story seem dry and slow going for me In fact it made seem like I was reading this book forever • But when David was not being so introspective – I enjoyed the story much • I loved how the author evoked the time period and place – 1920s Harlem and how the characters reflected and reacted to the issues of color gender race and class I could see and relate to some of the same issues still confronting the black community today• I thought the characters were engaging and well developed• I liked how the characters provided the twists and turns to the various mysteries I liked that the author provided the clues that I could figure out who did what to who• Rachel certainly represented the saying “Hell has no fury like a woman scorned”• Overall I liked the middle to the ending much better than I did the beginning

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M to the crowded tenements of its poor He uncovers old loves and festering hatreds But the deeper he probes the closer he comes to unleashing forces that threaten to reveal his own crippling secret a secret that could destroy him or redeem himThis gripping novel at once taut and lyrical evokes the mystiue of Harlem's most fascinating era Absorbing and powerful Harlem Redux combines incisive comment on race and class with a tragic tale of unreuited lov. The description of this book sounded so good that I strongly supported it when it was recommended for our book club That made it all the disappointing when I read it The prose was leaden and preachy The characters without exception were unlikeable There were literally times when I was unable to read than ten pages at a time I am glad that I finished it if for no other reason than the resolution was a little satisfying than the set up even if it strained credibility

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Readers of Persia's 1920s novels know they're in for a fast paced trip through one of the most fascinating periods in US history the Jazz Age In designing her stories and developing her characters Persia draws upon her theatrical training as well as her journalistic experienceShe has worked for The Associated Press and Radio Free EuropeRadio Liberty She has lived in Germany Brazil and Po

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