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Death Among the Ruins

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Elightful caprice soon takes on a sinister aspect Arabella's uest appears to have made her a donna fatale causing death and mayhem wherever she goes A thing of beauty may be a joy forever but Arabella's own life could be cut scandalously short unless she can locate the statue and uncover the heart of an ever deepening myste. Overall I must say I was unimpressed by Death Among the Ruins by

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In the second in Pamela Christie's witty deliciously unconventional Regency mystery series Arabella Beaumont courtesan and sleuth discovers that the pursuit of art can be a dangerous thingLondon's aristocrats pay handsomely for the company of courtesan Arabella Beaumont Arabella in turn wisely invests her earnings in an art. Famous or infamous London courtesan Arabella Beaumont is awaiting

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Collection that will endure long after her legendary charms have faded It's a decided blow then when her antiuities dealer is murdered before he can procure an item for which she paid dearly a rare and provocative statue of Pan Undaunted Arabella decides to travel to Italy and locate the treasure herself What begins as a d. I liked it A fun and naughty book to bring a smile to your face

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  • Death Among the Ruins
  • Pamela Christie
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  • 23 May 2018
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About the Author: Pamela Christie

Pamela Christie lives in Seattle and teaches English Death and the Courtesan is her first published novel

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    This was book 2 in the Arabella Beaumont mystery series and I am still loving itThis series is great if you are looking for something silly and light fun and easy to read that doesn't take itself seriously at all Arabella and the people in her life are a cast of characters who get up to all sorts of ridiculous shenanigans and they do so with a complete lack of concern for any conseuences which may result from their actions Fortunately for the reader the results of this lack of concern for conseuences makes for a highly entertaining readI love the sly double entendre humour that the author sprinkles liberally throughout these books After all Arabella IS a courtesan and not just ANY courtesan but one at the top of the mountain so it shouldn't surprise that she is somewhat blase about her profession and the people in her life as a result I am completely tickled by the way she looks at life her's and everyone else's with a casualness that is just hilariousThis book takes Arabella et al to Italy and the trouble the group gets into because they don't understand the differences in the society from that of England adds a whole other level of fun to the proceedings We meet a whole cast of new characters all of whom as per usual have hidden agendas aplenty to cause trouble for Arabella and her group It's a really fun adventure for the reader to go along withI enjoy these books for what they are light fun and entertaining I love Arabella and all the other characters in this series and will definitely continue with this series

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    Famous or infamous London courtesan Arabella Beaumont is awaiting the arrival of a very expensive and rather outrageous piece of artwork The statue of Pan discovered in Herculaneium near Pompeii is noteworthy for its uniue male er attributes Yes this Pan has been sculpted with not one but two manhoods So obviously Arabella must have him for her garden But she is furious when she receives word that her statue has been stolen and a man murdered before it could even begin its journey to England Not one to sit back and let someone take advantage of her Arabella sets off for Italy to track down her prizeAccompanied by Belinda Arabella’s sister their brother Charles and John Kendrick rector of Effing who carries a torch for the wickedly lovely courtesan Arabella sets off for Italy As usual her headstrong plans do not take into consideration that no one in their group speaks Italian but she will forge ahead The hotel they have booked is filled with some interesting characters who are mildly shocked to learn of Arabella and Belinda’s means of income The Terranova family headed by Father Terranova a priest are all a bit odd and suspect as far as Arabella is concerned She immediately proceeds with her investigation of the loss of her statue But it’s evident from the start that someone doesn’t want her to find itDEATH AMONG THE RUINS is the second Arabella Beaumont mystery and it’s very entertaining Self assured and at times reckless and thoughtless Arabella can be rude haughty or downright bawdy but is almost always amusing Her sidekicks can be just as outrageous as she is but they pale in comparison to her The mystery is well thought out and the adventures among the household staff back in London are eually well done There is plenty to like about this series but the witty dialogue and enjoyable characters make these stories Don’t miss this one

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    Arabella Beaumont London's most recognized courtesan must become a sleuth to discover the where abouts of a statue she purchased after seeing an image of it in situ at the Herculaneum excavation site Why was it stolen from the dig? Is there a connection to the Austro Hungarian unrest? Adventure intrigue and humour Very well researched and entertainingly written

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    Even better than the first bookI loved the humor in this book It was even easier to follow each of the characters Better played out and I had thoroughly enjoyed the first book ❤️

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    I liked it A fun and naughty book to bring a smile to your face

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    I give this four stars because of how laugh out loud funny it was I almost felt a little disappointed at the end of the book Arabella can be such a stinker and Kendrick such a martyr I want the characters to be better than they are Alas very fallible and human and very funny

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    This book builds perfectly on the first book in the series Death and the Courtesan I love the setting even driving me to search for information on Herculaneum in this great followup to the first in the Arabella Beaumont Regency mystery series The delicious scene in the dark is uite intriguing and probably NSFW and keeps me wondering about the players till the big reveal I could picture the frightening scene of Arabella racing through the empty streets and the following footsteps that creep every closer No spoilers though You have to read it for yourself

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    Overall I must say I was unimpressed by Death Among the Ruins by Pamela Christie The best I can say about it is that it's an easy and uick read One other thing I found interesting was the way Christie breaks the fourth wall and speaks directly her readers It was an interesting story telling device All in all though I must say that this is book that can be avoided in my opinion

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    Not much of a mystery here but I enjoy Arabella and her crew so this was fun

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    I really enjoyed the plot twists Laughed aloud a couple of times

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