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Ll the beautiful things the concentric circles a stone makes in a lake the curve of a slide the geometric shapes in the playground Others don't understand her passion but she doesn't mind There are infinite ways to see the world. This is a story about a little girl whose passion is math She's tried all sorts of other things from cooking to music but nothing excites her the way math does She sees it in everything around her The main message is that everybody sees the world in a different way and being passionate about math is a good thingI do kind of wish the main narrative had emphasized the relationship between math and all of the girl's experimental activities dance cooking sports music etc rather than just having her dismiss them as not for her In the back of the book we see the girl's notebook in which she talks about things like fractals and trajectories So while the reader can clearly see that math factors into all of those activities that she dismissed before the girl herself doesn't always seem to acknowledge the links in the main narrativeThat bit with the notebook at the back is probably my favourite part of the book It sort of turns this into a fictionnon fiction hybrid There's no real story otherwise just a child talking about her uniue worldviewI would recommend this one especially to kids who are passionate about math I like the way it shows that math is something that's part of everything we do and isn't really that strange of a passion to have Thank you to NetGalley and Tundra Books NY for providing a digital ARC

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And through math is one of themThis book is a gorgeous ode to something vital but rarely celebrated In the eyes of this little girl math takes its place alongside painting drawing and song as a way to ponder the beauty of the wor. I love love love this little picture book about a girl who loves math The illustrations are darling and a lot of math is worked into such a sparse little picture book I love the fact that the reader can see how math is involved in the things the girl does and sees she looks at a painting and sees a long math euation flies a paper airplane and sees the trajectory etc and then at the end we get to read her notebook of sketches and explanations of math concepts like concentric circles polygons fractals and kinds of setsThis would make a wonderful addition to a home or school library especially to gently encourage a love of math and an understanding of math concepts I plan to get a copy for our homeMy rating system1 hated it2 it was okay3 liked it4 really liked it5 love it plan to purchase andor would buy it again if it was lostI read a temporary digital ARC of the book for the purpose of review

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A young girl sees the world differently in this beautiful picture book celebration of mathEveryone has a passion For some it's music For others it's art For our heroine it's math When she looks around the world she sees math in a. I loved everything about this book Including the hair you heard me JaneA math nerd enjoying math in everyday lifeYes pleaseThis will be lots of fun to share with tiny humans Thanks to NetGalley and Penguin Random House Canada for my DRC

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I’m a children’s book author and illustrator I teach illustration and organizes creative workshops around the world I had published over 40 children’s books including You and Me Me and You Chronicle books 2017 Les Farfelus Les Fourmis Rouges 2015 Sing me a song Edelvives 2015 Una jirafa mia Sm Brazil 2014 Un caramel Amarillo Edelbra Brazil 2014 Cuentos para dormir y soñar Edi

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