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  • The Scary States of America
  • Michael Teitelbaum
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  • 08 June 2017
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10 thoughts on “The Scary States of America

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    This is one of my favorite scary story books Some of the stories are kind of scary and some are scary enough to have second thoughts about airplane lights in the sky I've read this several times and it's uite bent up Great book for sitting around a campfire

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    If you like kind of scary stories I highly recommend you to read this This story makes you want to keep reading and all of the stories in here are very interesting There are 50 stories there is one story for every state Overall great book

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    It had me on the edge of my seat the whole 500 pages it was the best book I have ever read It is a must read book if you like ACTION HAIR RAISING SCARY FUNNY JUST PLAIN OUT GREAT I think anyone of any age would like it I admit it i do not like books i am a very picky reader and i hate reading books over 100 pages but i was looking in a book order form and saw it and the word that set me was scary i just love the rush of being scared That day i went home and told my mom about it Now i get so many books because i want them and i usually do not read them when i get them because i just get a sick feeling when i see a book i get stressed But my mom is so nice she gave in to my sad face look i give and she got me it Now it took almost half the school year a wait but i forgot i even ordered it after a week Then one boring class day in 5th grade it came i felt sick again because i thought i was going to be short like most of the other ones i get S o i waited until i got on the bus to start but when i did i was going i read all the way home it was a 30 min drive and then i got home my mom said hi but it was to late i was sucked into the book i was in a land of horror i loved it i kept reading for hours my mom was amazed she eventually got mad i read so much My mom called me for dinner and i said i would be out i did not realty come out until 30 min went by that night i went to bed i was sad and wanted it to be morning first thing in the morning i woke up and grabbed my book ran to the bus stop and read at school i got in trouble for reading during class but that did not stop me I know you are tired of me writing so ill put it in a nut shell i read for ever and people had to stop me from reading I eventually read it 3 to 5 times in 3 months i loved it Today here i am and i cant find it my mom said someone might of stole it but i know she took it from me to stop reading i always hope i can find another copy If anyone has one and is kind enough to donate to a good poor cause please it been a year im dying to read it again HELP

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    I decided to read this book because I'm really into horror and scary stories and I also read this book in the past and decided to read it again The book features a character called Jason Specter who gets people to write in scary stories about each state of America There is a story for each state and while most of the stories are encounters people besides Jason have experienced some of them are stories about Jason's paranormal encounters A setting that I found interesting was the alien planet in the story A Lifetime of Visitations send in by a person in Massachusetts In the story Jean Altman was always abducted by aliens ever since childhood and the aliens always take her to their home planet Part of their planet is described as a mist covered lake and lush tropical vegetation Even a sentence that small made me want to go live there as it sounded beautiful without any sort of pollutionOne of the uotes I liked is a uote from the story Dead Man Talking set in Wyoming The uote is said by the ghost of Cedric Malcove who haunts his cell in the Wyoming Frontier Prison When Jason visited the prison he heard the ghost say Innocent and only that The ghost repeats the uote many times trying to be proven innocent for a crime he didn't commit Even though the uote is strong it's powerful especially since the ghost is pleading with griefI learned about different places in America that are actually thought to be haunted and the different ghosts and demons that haunt those place Paranormal activity is very interesting to me and with the information I got from the book I also researched about the so called haunted areas

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    I really liked this book I liked the scary stories about each state in America I liked them because they were always action packed and you were always wondering what was gonna happen next and I was always curious about sightings of scary creatures and about random things that people could not explain Also I really liked this book because it had good variety each state had a mini story and each state had its own uniue scary story that I really enjoyed reading Overall that's why I gave it 4 out of 5 stars and I would recommend this book to people who like scary stories in the USA

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    In the story The Scary States of America by Michael Teitelbaum The book features a character called Jason Specter who gets people to write in scary stories about each state of America There is a story for each state and while most of the stories are encounters people besides Jason have experienced some of them are stories about Jason's paranormal encounters I liked this book because they were always action packed and you were always wondering what was going happen next also I really liked this book because each state had its own uniue scary story I recommend this story to anyone who loves horror and likes to be surprised

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    I read this book in 4th grade and again now in my junior year of high school It is just as great of a book as I remember it being It is just scary enough to give me a thrill

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    Why is it that I keep coming back to these stories???

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    bet you could have a lot of fun if you gathered a group of children's librarians together and asked them which reuests they get the most from kids You'd have the standard boring answers like mysteries or books like Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants There would also be the weird answers like samurais and anything that takes place in Barbados I'd bet good money that some of the answers would be a mix of both though For example it couldn't have been a month ago when a kid came up to me asking for a book involving aliens Do you want real aliens or stories about them? I asked The kid wavered a bit and that was when I knew what book I could have recommended right then and there had it been on my shelf and available The Scary States of America by Michael Teitelbaum is the title to hand to any kid who wonders where on earth they can find some good old fashioned scary stories There's only so many times you can hand someone a copy of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark before they start getting bored Teitelbaum's book is certainly bereft of creepy pictures but the images that pop up in this bit of kiddie horror will undoubtedly stay in your mind much longer than you initially anticipated Hand this out to kids looking for tales of the strange wild and weird but be sure they can handle the spooks not to mention gore There's something for everyone in this bookHere's the concept There are fifty states in America and for each one our hero Jason Specter has collected a spooky tale Jason is the creator of a very popular blog chronicling every possible supernatural event he can get his hands on Jason used to be just your average kid until a close encounter with someone sad and incredibly dead brought the wider weirder world out there to his personal attention Thanks to his friends in all fifty states this is a compilation of one story per state Sometimes these stories involve creatures native only to certain areas The Skunk Ape of Florida or the Jersey Devil of well New Jersey For other states you'll just hear about ghosts alien encounters and other paranormal phenomena of varying levels of danger Some stories end happily Some most definitely do not In the end Jason encourages his readers to contribute their own scary tales to his website In the meantime he asks that people keep their eyes and minds wide openFirst of all Mr Teitelbaum has done his research I was unaware of the existence of such fiends as that moth creature some people believe in or the shadow people That doesn't mean that there haven't been stories about them before of course I just hadn't been aware of some of the regional rumors out there Of the creatures I acutally had heard of Teitelbaum knows the rules For example when you come across a night marcher in Oahu it is best to close your eyes and never look at them That's a given Having to find 50 regional creepy critters for each and every state can be a bit daunting though so the author dips into alien abduction tales as well as other mysterious goings on Basically everything from your classic ghosts werewolves and witches meld with the less common bleeding houses and lizard menUrban legends never die They just morph into children's books Consider pairing this book with the compelling title Tales of the Cryptids Mysterious Creatures That May or May Not Exist Both books deal with otherworldly creatures One just has the benefits of fiction on its side Plus with the sheer length of this book on hand you can bet that this will keep any kid satisfied and terrified for many long car rides to come A book that fulfills a need

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    Reviewed by Lynn Crow for TeensReadToocomTHE SCARY STATES OF AMERICA is a collection of 50 short stories one for each state about paranormal experiences ranging from ghosts and supernatural creatures to aliens and crop circles The stories are framed by the narrative of Jason Specter a 12 year old collector of all things scary and bizarre Though presented as true stories from readers Jason has reached through his website both the character of Jason and the stories are fictional though the cover notes they are based on true events The variety of the stories is what makes them most appealing Some are standard fare the hitchhiking ghost the aliens who kidnap people to run invasive tests on them Many however are unusual takes on the familiar like the vicious Bigfoot a bear photographer runs into and the heartbroken ghost haunting a toy store or uniue creatures and tales which will be new to most readers like those of the skunk ape and the shadow people Part of the enjoyment is in wondering how much of each story might really have happened and what you would do in similar situations Be warned many of the stories are uite scary and some rather graphic when it comes to blood and gore Many times the teller of the tale barely survives to tell about it and some have come out of it uite a bit worse for wear The most exciting stories are those in which Jason plays a direct part often risking life and limb Readers will appreciate his skeptical yet open minded approach Though those hoping to catch a glimpse into real recorded paranormal events will have to look elsewhere this book will make a fun read for those who simply like a good scare Bring it along to your next campfire or sleepover and read a few aloud in the dark Chills are guaranteed

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The Scary States of America

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F a teenage girl trapped forever in an Oregon lighthouse Some of these visitors from other worlds don't mean to hurt anyone and some of them doWarning All of these stories are based on true events Are you ready to face the terror in your stat. Why is it that I keep coming back to these stories

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Er mind the Skunk Ape of Florida that knocks victims flat with its stench the mischievous Shadow People of Arkansas the Jersey Devil the extraterrestrials who take human organs as a souvenir of their trip to Washington and the wailing ghost o. In the story The Scary States of America by Michael Teitelbaum The book features a char

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Aliens ghosts and monsters haunt the pages of this eerie trip around the Scary States of America With Jason Specter the nation's unofficial collector of all things paranormalÑas your guide meet the girl in Illinois who can start fires with h. It had me on the edge of my seat the whole 500 pages it was the best book I have ever r

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Michael Teitelbaum is the author of several books for children He lives in an 18th century home with his family in New York