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The Brenda Diaries

CHARACTERS The Brenda Diaries

Meet Brenda A temp with a bad attitude but an excellent work ethic Working assignments all around Los Angeles Brenda was the official purse holder for a high powered event planner has had an employer ask about her ovulation cycle worked as a. Brenda is a professional temp with a terrible attitude She works random assign

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O much time with guy she met on a job Brenda’s positive she can handle it all but sometimes work and life get to be a bit too much even for someone as organized as BrendaThe Brenda Diaries All the dirty details of Brenda’s not so tidy lif. I didn't like this book at all It only has 106 pages so I though this would be

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Kiosk gypsy at an upscale mall and suffered as the reluctant muse for a frustrated architect who'd rather write screenplays on company timeOff the clock Brenda's boyfriend and best friend compete for her attention while she spends a little to. I received a copy of The Brenda Diaries in exchange for an honest reviewSummar

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