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The 4 Habits of Joy Filled Marriages

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Discover the secrets behind deeper relational bonds and consistent happinessHealthy relationships regularly produce joy and joy keeps the relationship healthy But this kind of happiness and health in marriage isn’t just for the lucky few who stumble upon it It turns out certain relational skills boost you. 35 starsI'm a firm believer that it's easier to work on your marriage when it's working than when it's in trouble It's easier to do things to strengthen a solid base than to patch up one that's teetering I make a point to read these kinds of books when I am feeling like we are in a good place and feeling a lot of love towards my spouse This way it doesn't feel like the exercises explained in this book are coming from a place of despair but a place of love and connectionWhen I saw the title of this book it sounded like the exact thing that might be a wonderful addition to my life I definitely have 15 minutes a day and I love the idea of a joy filled marriage This is a really uick read I finished it in one sitting But of course most of the value of this book is not in the reading of it but in doing the exercises suggested in the book Much of the science in the book wasn't new to me and was explained in a way that felt too simplistic though I can totally understand why the authors would choose that path this is not a science book But I really liked a lot of the suggestions in the book and the perspective they added Joy isn't simply a choice you make Trying to choose joy can feel like trying to fall asleep when you have insomnia Joy is a feeling you get when you're happy to be with someone who's happy to be with youI don't know that I agree with all of that I think it's possible to experience joy when you're alone too but the idea that joy isn't the choice but the outcome resonated with me and I've been noodling on it sinceBrenda was modeling for me what it looked like to keep the relationship bigger than the problem Since then we have tried to make that our go to phrase when we get upset It is not uncommon for one of us to say Let's keep the relationship bigger than the problemI really liked this idea While it's terribly hard to do this in the moment of a major disagreement this idea is a great one to keep reinforcing and baking into the fabric of our marriage I also really liked their clear definitions around the negative emotions you feel so that you can recognize your own emotions Naming the difference between sad anxious despair shame anger and disgust can be subtle and difficult at times and it's not possible to address your or others' feelings unless you can connect with them and tell the difference I have learned that there is a big difference between saying thank you and feeling appreciationThis too was a poignant sentence for me Often times even in a gratitude practice i do alone it can be easy to list things from the day which isn't always impactful Whereas if i sit down and close my eyes and really conjure the feeling of that moment I am listing I can feel the contentment and joy Appreciation is about feeling the joy and sharing the joyMany of the exercises in this book are about being together holding hands sharing stories about your day your past your marriage The exercises are simple on paper They encourage connection both physically and emotionally and psychologically and I can totally see how it completely strengthens and adds joy to your marriage when you do them regularlyI will mention that this book has Christian based religious references which wasn't clear from the blurbs It's not the core of the book but there are many examples Had I looked up previous books of the authors I probably

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R happiness Marcus Warner and Chris Coursney will teach you how to develop those skills and how toreturn to joy uickly after disconnectioncreate stronger bonds and elongate times of happinessboost your enjoyment of physical and emotional intimacyAs they’ve studied couples they’ve discovered there are 4. Some useful content but I found it hard not to get annoyed by how “traditional” the language and examples were Eg it only spoke of opposite sex couples and it referenced God in a handful of places It did give a caveat after any God references but these felt almost like additions from their editors after the fact to make sure the book didn’t alienate non religious readers

DOWNLOAD Ò E-book, or Kindle E-pub ½ Marcus Warner

Habits that all joy filled marriages have in commonAppreciateValidatePlayRestAfter each chapter you’re given 5 minute exercises which done 3 times a day are proven to increase happiness in marriage PLUS There’s tons exercises in the back of the book Get started today and make your love the best it can b. This book The 4 Habits of a Joy filled Marriage is a must read While I thought the greatest impediment to a happier marriage was lack of communication I learned that this is not necessarily true This book shows that the greatest indicator of marital problems is an increasing joy gap And the joy you build into your marriage the you will increase that feeling of being “in love” thus shrinking that joy gap and strengthening your marriage The authors have challenged my beliefs on the famous uote “Love is a Choice” stating that it is actually accurate to say “Love is an attachment” The book gives such practical activities in which we can increase our attachment to one another through shared experiences thus increasing the joy we experience You will learn how the latest research in brain science and joy can be applied directly to your marriage The authors cleverly walk us through simple 15 minute activities designed to create healthy habits which help us shrink our joy gap thus enhancing our marriages greatly And all of this is done in a light hearted easy to read format You will not be disappointed

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  • The 4 Habits of Joy Filled Marriages
  • Marcus Warner
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  • 06 March 2019
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About the Author: Marcus Warner

MARCUS WARNER MDiv ThM and DMin Trinity Evangelical Divinity School is the president of Deeper Walk International He is a former pastor and college professor who has written several books on topics ranging from how to study the Bible to spiritual warfare emotional healing and leadership Marcus has done training events for organizations such as Navigators Willow Creek Prison Ministry