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    I know I read mostly read what my family and friends like to call smut but I read this book for a book club I help with check out shameless page promotion and at first I wasn't sure that I was going to like it When the first thing you are told is that it talks about God you kind of take a step back and think umm ok do I really want to read this? Lol My reasoning behind this is every Christian based book I have read they have basically shoved religion down your throat I have nothing against religious people in the least I mean come on I grew up in a Baptist church I just don't appreciate an entire book that dedicates itself solely to getting the word out That is not why I wanted to read the book in the first place But you know what I found with LFYNPA? There was none of that Yes they did go to church and pray but it wasn't what the sole purpose of the book wasThe romance between the two characters was so sweet and refreshing it lightened my heart A dirty book is really great but once in a while it's nice to kind of step away and read something different It kind of restarts or refreshes your system And it doesn't hurt to branch out to different type of genres either Oh and another thing I loved about this bookit's based in North Pole Alaska where it's Christmas season ALL the time Anyone who knows me knows that I love love love Christmas I think if I ever went there I wouldn't want to leave well at least until that good ole Alaskan winter hits Lol I'm a Virginia girl we don't get too much snow here and cold for us in winter is 40 degrees The most snow we have got so far this year is 3in so far and I don't see much in the future Enough of my ramblings and back to the book I do love how the character I pictured in my head for Sam was eerily close to the girl on the front It's actually close to creeping me out There was one part of the story that actually had me in tears I am not an easy crier but something takes place at the end of the book that reminded me of something that happened in our family a couple months ago Let's just say that this part of the story abso freaking lutely broke my heart I'm tearing up right now just thinking about it You know it's a good book when you are emotionally involved with the characters you cry like it is actually happening in your own life I can definitely say that I look forward to reading from Loree Lough in the future She now has one new fan to take on to her list

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    First of all I must mention that I picked this book up expected a cute holiday story and instead was surprised to find it takes place during the summer However summertime and anytime is the time to celebrate Christmas in North Pole Alaska They play carols 365 days a year; all of the shops and stores are Christmas themed and sell Christmas souvenirs; there's a big giant Santa in town Okay the picture is clear Even though there wasn't a mountain of snow there was still enough of the Christmas feel to make me appreciate it during this time of year Sam sells everything buys an RV and moves to Alaska I loved her sense of adventure and her spunky personality She's definitely not perfect forgets to do important things but she is very compassionate and knows exactly how to handle difficult situationsBryce has had a hard life and is therefore a pretty tough guy very rough around the edges Yet Sam somehow softens him up She isn't afraid to treat him the way he wants to be treated and deserves to be He's a protector and provider and takes his roles in life very seriouslyI loved Aunt Olive I was happy to see that this was a two fold romance and was satisfied with the endingContent there are some Christian elements but it's not preachy; kissing Clean

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    Samantha Sinclair is a 27 yr old baby sister to a week's worth of brothers none of which believe that she can make it on her own With the weight of this knowledge on her shoulders Sam attempts to prove to her loving yet overbearing family that she knows what she is doing With an RV a hard won degree in culinary arts and a promise of employment Sam treks across the nation from Balti all the way to North Pole Alaska to pursue her new independent life running her own kitchen in a local hotelEx Marine Bryce Stone has returned home to the place where he grew up; a tourist town where it is Christmas all year North Pole AK He grumbles constantly about the commercialization of the Day but in his heart he is empty and burdened with his own hypocrisy Haunted by the deaths of his parents a harrowing injury on the battlefield the deaths of his fellow soldiers and the recent break up of an engagement Bryce crawls back home to take over his Aunt Olive's Christmas storeBryce's life intersects Sam's as her hotel chef job falls through the day she arrives and a job offer by Aunt Olive follows directly after Olive is wise and god fearing and she lovingly steers the two young people together as they do their individual best to avoid falling for each otherLove Finds You in North Pole Alaska is chock full of sing song dialogue and oh so natural communication between its characters It was impossible for me to suppress a smile as I overheard conversations between Bryce and Sam eavesdropped into their points of view and rooted along with Aunt Olive for their budding love I was infatuated with the characters from the get go and like all excellent authors; Loree causes her readers to empathize completely and with abandon I was Bryce I was Sam and yes I was also Aunt Olive Because of Loree's superb literary prowess I understood the pain of the ex marine confused and addled by the beauty taking over his shop And I was Samantha; full of love faith and an unending hope that God has a plan for my lifeAuthor Loree Lough has not forgotten what it feels like to fall into real love for the first time and because of this many pages of my copy of Love Finds You in North Pole Alaska are stained with happy tears This is the first book I have ever read in this genre and certainly not my last Loree has found a lifelong fan and friend in meUnnecessary Technical notes I wanted to add how much I love the cover art and appreciate the silky smooth matte finish Although smaller than I like I prefer 13pt the print is an easy to read font that gave me no trouble The author used flawless POV changes point of view and employed a flowing style of prose that enabled me to read this book in one sittingEllen C Maze author Rabbit Chasing Beth Rider

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    Did not finishI could only tolerate the stupidity for one third of the book I tried I swear it but GAH what morons Over reactive bitchy morons with fabricated arguments written in for no good reason It was painful and stupid Example He comes in and finds her on the top of a 12 ft ladder no good reason why He bellows at her to be careful causing her to 'windmill' and then has to rescue her and she's pissed that he scared her and he's pissed that she's pissed it's just StOopid beyond wordsAnd the whole 'S' thing Her brothers are Steve Stu Seth Shane Spence Scott and BILL because there weren't any other 'S' names Really? How about Simon Sean Sid Sawyer Sebastian Sven her parents couldn't be THAT vacantWorse it was contradictory Page 11 tells us that Bryce a guy which should be Brice because Bryce is the female version of the male name Brice ie Bryce Dallas Howard but I shouldn't digress in the midst of pointing out something else that's wrong Where was I? Oh Page 11 says that Bryce hates Christmas candy canes motorized santas plastic elves and ESPECIALLY that stupid holiday music Then I go a mere three pages and on pg 14 it says Brice couldn't help but smile at the joyous laughter of children harmonizing with Brenda Lee's rendition of 'Jingle Bell Rock' emananting from the loudspeakers SERIOUSLY??We have power plays contrived idiot behavior over dramatized reactions and just all around poor writing that made getting thru one third miserable I called it uits There are pleasant things in life I could be doing Like scouring the sink Two other 'S's I can think of

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    This was such a sweet book The Characters were very normal in the way that they got to know each other It must be what they call dating and getting to know each other a talent that most people now a days have lost No one in this book was texting sext ing or generally not paying attention to each other This was refreshing in the sense that most HH hop in the bed wagon by page 2 LOL there were sweet and touching moments that had me laughing and chuckling and also parts that made me tear up and sniffle Loree Lough has a way with words that is touching and yet straight forwardThis is an Inspirational book so here is the scoop on the Christian factor It was never in your face or hell and dam nation It was this is my life and this is how I live it They pray and attend church and are not embarrassed to do so one bit I grew up this way but now with this modern world and PC patrol sometimes I feel that it's strange praying and bringing God into situations I envied Sam in her stead fast manner I think that I could relate to Bryce He has a cautious look to God Afghanistan Vet he's experienced times where he wondered where the big guy was but in the end I think he knew his true feelings This is a good book If you've never read Inspirational don't be afraid of this one I promise you won't get struck by lighting Christy

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    This was a cute sweet clean romanceBryce is an ex marine living in North Pole Alaska where he was raised by his Aunt Olive Since the death of his parents and honestly even long before his parents died they are the only family they have Bryce hates living in a place where the commercial side of Christmas is celebrated year round and wants to sell Rudolph's the Christmas knick knack shop that his aunt has been running since his parents' death and use the funds to open a carpentry shop He would still be a marine if it weren't for the injury that left him blind in one eye and with a scar so hideous he has to wear a patch over one eye so he doesn't scare young childrenSam has 7 older brothers so she may be petite but she's definitely tough She drives an RV from Maryland to North Pole Alaska for her new job as a chef at the hotel there She arrives to find out the owner has given the job to his nephew Too proud to return back to Maryland defeated Sam answers an ad to manage a Christmas store called Rudolph's She and Aunt Olive hit it off right away She would hit it off right away with Bryce if he didn't have so many walls up to protect his heart There is a part towards the end of the book that is really sad and had me crying but it's a short part of the story This is a great read if you're in the mood for a cute sweet clean romance with a touch of sadness

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    Sam Sinclair is HOT Steaming mad that is She sold her townhouse and her possessions bought an RV and drove to Alaska with a letter of a promise of a job only to arrive to find out the boss let his nephew have the job She is mad Lucky for her she is uickly able to find a job managing a Christmas gift shop and uickly is in love with her job Always a great lover and fan of Christmas working in a shop that is all about Christmas seems to be a place where Sam fits right in Plus Olive the store owner's aunt is a dear and uickly becomes a close friendBryce Stone is a veteran And he hates the commercialization of Christmas And of all the places he could live he lives in North Pole Alaska He is the owner of the store where Sam is working Having lost an eye while in Afghanistan he is very timid and leery of women His fiancee had dumped him after the accident so trusting women did not come natural to himFollow this story as Olive orchestrates a romance between the two of them and finally has romance in her own life A beautiful story that will have you laughing at the antics of Olive Samantha and crying at the sorrows Bryce faces Definitely a book to read 297 pages 1299 US 4 starsThis book was provided for review purposes only no payment was received for this review

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    Loree truly NEVER disappoints This book transports you to a real Winter WonderlandBryce Stone is a tough ex marine who comes home to North Pole where it is Christmas all year long He comes home to start his own furniture shop when his Aunt Olive decides to retire and leaves the family's Christmas shop to him Being a Scrooge he is not happy with the gift Olive told him to put a want ad in the paper about a manager for the storeMeanwhile Samantha Sinclair from Maryland answers an ad about being a chef in a hotel in North Pole She drives to North Pole in a huge RV When she gets there there is an Misunderstanding about the Chef job In the local paper there she finds a want ad about a manager of a Christmas Shop She applies for the job but what she doesn't know is that the job reuires a lot than she bargained forI love the character Olive because she reminds me of my grandmotherShe says whatever's on her mind no matter what We all should have people like her in our lives who loves us enough to tell us what we need to hear whether we want to hear it or notTo read about her adventures in North Pole you are going to have to read the book Happy Reading

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    I was drawn to this book by the title I lived close to North Pole AK and wanted to see how the story portrayed the townThe story follows Samantha 'Sam' Sinclair as she arrives to North Pole Alaska having sold her town home and a lot of her possessions to come be a chef at hotel restaurant in town However the day she arrived she found out the owner gave the job to his nephew Sam is now left with out a job and now home She only has an RV After having the proverbial rug out from under her feet Sam is determined to find a job in this town She loves that the Christmas spirit is everywhereBryce Stone has only been back to North Pole for a few weeks He's been discharged from the Marines and has moved back home after receiving an injury in combat that left him blind in one eye After his parents died Bryce was left his parent's Christmas shop in the small town He is not one to sit behind a counter so he leaves his Aunt Olive to find a manager for the store while he does his best to get a carpentry shop startedLove Finds You in North Pole Alaska is a sweet story It was a bit predictable but it was a nice light read My only issue with the story however was the way North Pole was portrayed I will say the people there are very nice I use to visit the town a few times a year They also have amazing food Check out Diners Drive in and Divesthey list their best restaurants It is also a Christmas town through and through Christmas lights are decked out as candy canes all of the restaurants are decorated year round and I will also say they have a fantastic coffee shack The book portrayed the town a little bigger then it really is and the drive to Fairbanks isn't that long The book mentions that the men to women ratio is 3 1 but no explanation is given The reason for such a high ratio is the fact that right past North Pole is an Air Force Base and in Fairbanks is an Army Post Those were just a couple of things that stood out to me

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    Bryce is an ex marine who has come back home to a small town in Alaska known as North Pole Because of it's name Christmas is the theme 247 365 days of the year and there is no escape from reindeer to candy canes and due to not being able to escape the Christmas cheer Bryce is not a fan This makes it even harder when he has been left the family knick knack shop that his parents owned and whilst growing up his much loved aunt Olive kept going but is now moving to Florida It is now Bryce's turn to work in the store and the thought of giving up his carpentry dreams to work in a stuffy store crammed of Christmas memorabilia is not something he is looking forward to It isn't until he decides to hire a manager to take over from his aunt and Sam from Maryland is employed that where once he believed that nothing good ever happens in North Pole he is pleasantly mistakenThis is a sweet romance that is heartfelt and although at times there are references to the Bible and characters praying which I'm not a fan of this is a very enjoyable read It is easy for the reader to become absorbed in the likely characters lives and follow the tales of each characters trying to better themselves and make their dreams come true Every element that is expected from a romance can be found in Love Finds You in North Pole Alaska and all the romantic readers out there will not disappointed

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Ted Scrooge What's worse Bryce must postpone his dream of opening a furniture shop when his aunt Olive retires and leaves him to manage the family's cluttered Christmas boutiue When Bryce underestimates Sam the inexperienced yo. Did not finishI could only tolerate the stupidity for one