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The Price of Happiness A Medieval Tale #5

Free read õ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ò Lina J. Potter

Enjoy the complete series now The royal court has always been a realm of intrigue conspiracy death and sorrow You didn’t expect to be spared did you Lilian A sinister conspiracy against the King is gaining momentum with Lilian and her family in the epicenter of this deadly game Meanwhile Count Jess Earton himself vigilant and dissatisfied has arrived at the royal palace The family reunion Lillian has been dreading has finally arrived She has had enough time to prepare to plan and consider all her options King Edward is on her side as are the Khangans and the Virmans So why is her stomach in knots why are her knees shaking and her heart pounding loud in her chest On the eve of her meeting with Jess Lilian's affections from her previous life resurface Thank. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEE a story about a heroine stumbling onto a mess and fixing everything and making it clean and beautiful and beloved That's how this series gets started and it is the bomb dot com ButHORRIBLE translating and lack of editingSo saddened This series's first few books are so awesome and now it's just so different For the worseContent and personal reception I found it so enjoyable to read a book from the values perceptions and creative direction of one who is from another country than myself The cultural anthropologist in me is so fall down drunk in love with this story Some believe it is the poor translating and absence of editing that is to blame for the substantial differences in this Lilian's attitude compared to the previous installments Is that it AliyaLilian is uite OOC imho Gone is the adaptive observant caring woman who treated EVERYONE with respect and value and in her place is a coldly calculating and imperious patricianAliyaLilian is also too perfect and that makes her difficult to relate to for all that I admire her She is too calculating in her thoughts; she doesn't seem like a soulful human being I know I know actions speak louder than words and AliyaLilian than shows a generous heart with her actions She is constantly considering whether or not she should kill this person to protect her livelihood or kill that person even weighing whether or not she should kill the original Lilian's father She comes off as if she were raised by machines and has little heart and is prepared prepared prepared and never misses any possible hiccup that could wind up jeopardizing her That is my impression She's so perfect she never even falters in her daily diet and exercise regimen For all that I wish I had discipline and a freight train engine's work ethic like her it furthers her un relateability and seems unrealistic since this books is all about humans I'm proud that the Countess Earton does so well for herself and her people given the restrictions and limits she has in the feudal environment HoweverI think the story should have taken another route AliyaLilian should have had her marriage to Jess dissolved or he die for one reason or another and she winds up encountering and falling in love with Crown Prince Richard Richard is a good and responsible man and would have made an excellent hero to our heroine Human beings are redeemable yes but Jess has a selfish mindset that remained immovable for over 4 books He does not deserve Lilian By the way how many Jess'es are there Confusing And if the dice rolled to where Lilian and Richard HAD found their way to each other it would have made a much believable reason for Lilian's inventions and property to be acuired by the crown I mean the medieval era Aliya finds herself incarnated into is a feudal monarchy system not a modern communal public society Oh the things Lilian could have further done for the people had she become a beloved royal princess Especially since Wellster is proving treacherous and deceitful Jess as the king's other son should have been handed off to Anna had he not been sacrificially killed off They deserve each other Such potential Such a beginning Such a strong driven genius of a woman Who then devolves into her new life's expected role instead of triumphing as a trailblazersuch a letdown '

Free read The Price of Happiness A Medieval Tale #5

S politicians and rivalling entities all warring for power Until now every step Lilian has taken has been discreet and with careful measure but even that was not enough to avoid the attention of several nations Medieval ages are those of cruelty a time of chaos and distress No matter if you are a friend or a foe a family member or a villain if you are loved or you are lost expect no mercy and no sympathy This is all just a heavy load for strong but kind and compassionate Lily She can only try to cope with the disastrous conseuences of the race for power After all she is a medic and saving lives is what she is good at what she was taught to do what she swore to do “The Price of Happiness” will see the conclusion of Lily's tale Are you ready to bid farewe. For all 5 booksThe series easily could’ve been 12 books I almost wish it had The author has good ideas and I like the characters But she needs to work on her writing it may be the translator I don’t know But I felt I was being told the readers digest version of the story I got lost a few times especially with the different jesses so maybe not the translator The story is about a genus who is reincarnated as a countess in a strange land and takes what she knows from our world with her I didn’t care for the fact that there was nothing she couldn’t do excellently she had few flaws righteous pious merciful only looking for the love of a good man The plots were good And some I didn’t expect especially this last book It should’ve been 2 at the very least and felt very rushed I could’ve used way explanations And a progressive development Despite that the series had me up all hours of the night

Free read õ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ò Lina J. Potter

Aldonai that at the masuerade it is easy to cover your personality and feelings with a mask of indifference “The Price of Happiness” is the fifth and final instalment in the bestselling Medieval Tale series by Lina J Potter She has already conuered the hearts of thousands of readers both male and female and has a loyal international fan basis This volume centres on romance than previously seen in the Medieval Tale series but nevertheless remains the beloved historical fiction of Countess Lilian and the Kingdom of Ativerna It is an epic fantasy story about choosing your own path struggling for happiness and carving an alternative path through history The story of Lilian’s second chance is coming to a close Knots will be untangled as she faces the king. Strong ending to an excellent seriesThis was great Very strong conclusion to an awesome clever story This book was my favorite after the first I especially enjoyed the multiple prologues with time jumps so we have some idea of the impact Lily made

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