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Raped By the Dog Pack

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OverviewAfter their car breaks down in a remote area high school seniors Tessa and Debbie have a long walk back to civilization Tessa insists they cut through the woods to save time Debbie flatly refuses claiming that the woods wer.

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’s just an urban legend and heads into the woods aloneonly to find out too late that the story is true WARNING This story contains rough nonconsensual bestiality between a nubile high school girl and a pack of large dogs 7800 wor.

Kiki Bangs Õ 6 characters

E once the home of a demented dog trainer who taught his dogs to rape women The dog trainer is long dead but his dogs are still at large ready to fuck any girl foolish enough to enter the woods Tessa scoffs at the story thinking it.

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    Well written apart from the obvious auto correct mistakes that don't get caughtSpooky story and kinda hot Abrupt ending

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