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Years later When a classmate disappears Sue thinks it's an isolated incident But then two other girls vanish And DieAs fear grows on campus Sue begins to sense she's being watched And as the body count rises she soo. Review All The Pr

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One By OneTwo decades ago at a private women's college in upstate New York a student was brutally attacked in her dorm room Her assailant was never found They DisappearSue Barlow arrives at Wilbourne College twenty. This book took a

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N realizes that a twisted psychopath is summoning her to play a wicked game a game that only will end when she dies If you like Dean Koontz you'll love John Manning Wendy Corsi Staub New York Times bestselling autho. Honestlythe title

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    Sue is an incoming freshman at Wilbourne College located in Lebanon a blue collar highly conservative town in upstate New York Wilbourne is a private academy for women that only accepts some men for graduate studies It's a very conservative institution in terms of political affiliation and temperament Sue comes from a wealthy background and was raised by her very strict conservative grandparents She doesn't really know anything about her parents and her grandparents only provide her with cryptic remarks at best When she arrives she immediately starts to think that something is strange about the college Her dorm has a haunted room where people claim to have seenheard a girl screaming in and students have started to disappear While this is all going on there also is a huge rush of religious fervor sweeping the world as and people particularly girls are claiming to have had religious experiences or miracles bestowed on them from the Virgin Mary and other religious figures As unusual occurrences happen and students start to disappear Sue begins to uestion what is really going on at Wilbourne College what does it have to do with her and who can she trust POSITIVES once again in the beginning feels much like a teen horror thriller from the 90's from an RL Stine Christopher Pike Diane Hoh or similar author The small town setting of Lebanon works very well I'm a huge fan of small towns in horror novels and Manning creates a good one in here The mystery involved in the story is interesting and becomes even so as the book goes on Good pace that ramps up the last 150 200 pages of the novel The characters are pretty solid some of them you hate and were irritating but that was intentional The ending was satisfying Not spectacular or even very good justsatisfying NEGATIVES The synopsis is very misleading It just gives the tip of the iceberg about what the book is truly about If the synopsis was a little closer to what the book is actually about I wouldn't have been so hasty to pick it up and read it The book beats you over the head with the conservativeliberal ideals and arguments as well as religious ideology The social commentary is here in full force and while I typically enjoy when novels do that in this instance it gets tiresome after a while and redundant I also feel like it gives in to some stereotypes regarding both sides of the popular political and religious spectrum Essentially only assuming that there can be no middle ground and only the two extremes exist The only characters who are exempt from this way of thinking is the main character Sue and a theology professor named Dr Marshall This made the book a chore at times to read and I found myself trying to hurry up and slog through the parts that were heavily laden with this Still a good book but easily my least favorite book by John Manning and his weakest in my opinion as well

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    This book took a twist I did not expect A little Bentley Little ish Seemed like a normal killsacrifice the girls kind of novel then out of nowhere twist But I did enjoy the story all the same

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    This book centers on Sue Barlow an incoming freshman at Wilbourne College in upstate New York Wilbourne is an exclusive private college that has a small student body primarily made up of women Raised by her extremely wealthy grandparents Sue initially welcomes the opportunity to be on her own She gets a bad feeling once she's there and believes that she repeatedly sees the face of a screaming woman in one of the dormitory windowsMeanwhile Sheriff Miles Holland investigating the disappearance of a student soon discovers the college has been the site of similar incidents involving young women that have occurred every twenty years The key to stopping these events lies with Bernadette de Salis a thirteen year old girl who has experienced stigmata as well as a visit from the Virgin Mary Bernie tells Sue that she is key to the upcoming apocalypse I thought this book was pretty interesting even though I rarely this genre After a somewhat slow start the action of the main story starts to really intrigue you There are a lot of political characterizations in the book and some readers who care about those things might not enjoy it that much Overall it was a great little story with hints of Omen and Rosemary's Baby thrown in I would definitely try another of John Manning's books if the opportunity arises

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    First of all the back cover summary of this book is extremely misleading Secondly it's just terrible The author leads you around in circles for the first 34s of the book and not in a good way When he finally gets to the point it starts to pick up a little but by then the story has reached its climax leaving ending flat Most of the characters are wanting and the ones that seem to have potential are left in the dust Over all not a great read

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    I really liked this story but I had to downgrade the book as a whole because of all the typos

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    Review All The Pretty Dead Girls by John Manning 45★'sI was amazed how this book held my interest and I really enjoyed the subject matter It’s about The Book of Revelations and the Antichrist among satanic cult a vast group of people from all around the world was established before any one realized what was going on There whole ordeal was started when Wilbourne College a private women’s college in upstate New York was built and founded by a wealthy women a hundred and fifty years ago secretly for the cult’s home and their worshipping the devil with the idea of taking over the world while the college was helping students with an education Every twenty years a few girls would go missing and the town’s sheriff Miles Holland would look into the cases and within a few weeks the girls were not found and there names would just fade into the woodwork and they were forgotten Until twenty years ago two girls went missing and one did make it back home to her parent’s house after being raped As far as a few people knew she had a baby girl and soon after she died in a car accident and her grandparents raised and cared for the baby named Susan Barlow up until the day she was accepted at Wilbourne College on a scholarshipHowever don’t underestimate the sheriff he has a son Perry who has become deputy sheriff and has listen to his father over the years of the information about the missing girls So the data has been seeded but not yet fully believable Then we meet Dr Virginia Marshall a professor at the college also an author who teaches a course in religion and the bible but her teaching criteria of religion upsets Dean Gregory and the Board of Trustee’s She gets called to the Deans office a few times but she is determined to be and teach what she wantedAs different situation issues and events happened the horror starts with the up coming religious ritual bringing destruction down on the small town of Lebanon Including a young girl Bernadette who has been visited by The Virgin Mary with messages to share with certain people on how to stop the uprising of a devil ritual that the satanic cult has been waiting to embrace for many years The story was fascinating and alluring in such a seductive way that it was hard to put the book down Manning did such a great job writing and creating something that’s unbelievable but at the same time thought provoking enough to make the reader believe the story may happen some day

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    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel All The Pretty Dead Girls by John Manning It's his first novel and it truly is a good one After reading the blurb on the back I was a little wary of reading it because the blurb was a bit vague to me and didn't really seem clear as to what the story was going to be about but I decided to read it anyways I'm glad I did The plot line wasn't what I expected to be at first but I uickly got into itSue Barlow was an interesting character She was such a sweet girl at the beginning I got really attached to her as she was in the beginning and I was surprised at how mean she got as the story progressed Another character I really liked was Billy Honeycutt he seemed like a really sweet boy and I was really hoping he would get together with Sue Their relationship together at the beginning was a bit childish and very distant in ways from each other About midway through the book things really started happening The mystery really got going and really hooked me in further It was mind blowing the new developments and all I'm really hoping that there is a seuel to this book because I find the end sort of dropped off Anyways it's a really good read; I'd certainly recommend it

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    started this book without realizing it was a horror which made the first murder a bit of a shock overall i thought it was not bad finished uickly mainly because i couldn't handle the bad dreams next will be a fluff novel for sure

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    Honestlythe title is what brought me to the bookI love shows with crime and drama intermingledbut religion too? It was almost too much for me but I did like the aspect of overall good vs evil

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    This book was definitely different I thought it was going to be a murder mystery but then it turned toward the sci fi side I did finish it because I wanted to see where it was going to go but it wasn’t really my thing

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