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Nd the tell all tone that readers loved in Baby Laughs and Belly Laughs this exposé from the former Playboy Bunny MTV star and prime time TV sensation is perfect for fans of Sarah Silverman's Bedwetter and Chelsea Handler's Are You. I am inoculated

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Even though this book is not as funny as mine you should still buy it Chelsea HandlerNew York Times bestselling author Jenny McCarthy turns on the lights for a bawdy and hilarious look at women and sex Returning to her comic roots a. This book kind

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There Vodka It's Me Chelsea Delivering the perfect mix of poignant insights laugh out loud confessions and spicy secrets Love Lust Faking It will be an instant favoritebut it may find its way to your nightstand instead of your bookca.

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    I love it when dysfunctional people give life and relationship advice The author of this self help book for women for instance has been married three times and cheated on his 2nd wife with his 3rd wife This book's author is an ex alcoholic and stand up comic This book cover I believe speaks for itself Naturally these people know everything about healthy relationships And so does Jenny McCarthy a former Playboy model and a divorced woman Of course I don't read such books for advice Thanks but no thanks I read them for the train wreck stories and entertainment I admit to reading and enjoying McCarthy's books about pregnancy and raising her kid Belly Laughs The Naked Truth About Pregnancy and Childbirth and Baby Laughs The Naked Truth About the First Year of Mommyhood when I read them a few years ago Don't ask me why I read them though because neither then nor now kids are in the near future for me At least in those books she had something to say but here is the type of wisdom she spreads Girls don't get tattoos when drunk Girls abusive relationships are bad accompanied by her own story about her 7th grade romance with a boy who used to punch her and call her ugly Girls threesomes might ruin your relationships Girls don't let your men have parties in Vegas bad stuff happens there Well thank you Jenny for discovering America I am sure your audience of grown women had no idea about these things And thanks for googling and wiki ing stuff for us nick names for lady parts hook up playlists and horoscopes and putting it into your book You saved our lives But seriously there is almost nothing of substance in this book The woman knows nothing about anything at all and especially about relationshipsThe only reason I am giving this book 2 stars instead of 1 is because it does have a couple of funny stories one about her coming to shoot her Playboy nudy pics with all hairiness intact and a couple of amusing sex facts Did you know that half of the men raised on farms have had a sexual encounter with an animal? Ew Did you know that the dolphins are the only known animal other than humans who have sex for pleasure? Huh?I am sure it will be a bestseller

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    I've only read Jenny McCarthy's Belly Laughs The Naked Truth About Pregnancy and Childbirth before this and although I knew I wasn't going to get a whole lot of useful information out of it I at least expected it to be funny Belly Laughs had its moments and I enjoyed reading her account of her first pregnancy as useless as it was to me personally This book however was NOT funny and it contains even less useful informationAfter reading this book I got the sense that Jenny is a sad lonely and insecure woman who will grasp at any new fangled idea to see her through her day There is a reason I don't read self help books; I don't trust some stranger to help me with my own personal problems especially someone who isn't even a doctor I look at books written by so called experts in the book store and it makes me think Why the hell should I listen to you? What makes you so special that you know the answers to my problems? I know some people read self help books for guidance or inspiration but for me they're not worth the paper they're printed on And therein lies the problem I had with Jenny's book; she uses pseudoscience interviews with her therapist and friends and plugs for inspirational websites that had helped her in order to flesh out the bulk of this book There are even sections devoted to horoscopes for people trying to find out their love sign playlists for having sex to and also lists of slang terms for masturbation and the vagina She also includes a random poll she did via Twitter to round out a A chapter about fetishes I felt like this book was the culmination of late night Google searches followed by research done on Wikipedia and a few well timed Tweets It was not something that should have been printedJenny does have a couple of chapters that stand out where she reminisces on her personal love and sex experiences that weren't as bad as the rest of the book A lot of these turned out to be sad than funny though and I really think you get a sense of this sad lost girl who's trying to figure out exactly where her place is She's very insecure and a lot of her stories are cringe worthy with her confessions of abusive boyfriends and her overall self loathing and Catholic guilt She has a whole chapter devoted to how we women project a fake self to our significant others and peers in order to be liked I can't help but shake my head at this that she thinks all women feel the need to create a persona in order to get men and friends Sure there are degrees of this in every person out there people always want to be liked but to think that everyone changes themselves to such a degree that the real version is something nobody could love or understand is just really sad I think Jenny is in a darker place now after her last failed relationship which she mentions but doesn't elaborate on at all and she's desperately trying to find herself I can't imagine this book would help anyone feel better about themselves if only it's to think I'm glad I'm not her Anyone else who is a bitter single woman who loves the latest new age fad will probably find something they can relate to in this book but I could not In addition to that the last few paragraphs had Jenny deciding she's Buddhist and this just cemented the idea in my head that she has no idea who the hell she is and shouldn't be giving advice to anyone

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    This book kind of sucked The good chapters were those where McCarthy actually wrote about her life her past relationships her sex life and growing up The rest of the chapters which comprised about 12 of the book were what I consider fluff McCarthy had conversations with other women relationship experts a self help specialistand printed these As as entire chapters As if that weren't bad enough other chapters just contained information hijacked from the internet Especially bad was the chapter about astrological signs which signs make the best matches Boring

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    From 0 to 5 stars in the same book WTF is up with a sign by sign recitation of relationship horoscopes and compatible astrological signs? Cut and pasted it sounds like Who the heck signed off on that? Jenny sheeshOn the five end there are sweet moments of wisdom and poignant insight Also shining points of hiLARity She's POLISH V entertaining Except for the #% horoscopes wtf

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    Not finished yet but this is one of the worst books I have ever read I read her pregnancy and baby books and was entertained but the content and writing reminds me of something a high school kid might write I hate not finishing books so I'm keeping at it but I'm really glad I borrowed it and didn't actually spend money on itUpdate I am marking this as read because I just can't finish it but I don't want it on my to read list since I might in a moment of weakness think it is a good idea to pick it up again It seems as if Ms McCarthy wanted to write a self help book and a humor book but couldn't decide which This has proven to be a great combination for some but in this instance it is just a mishmash of crap poorly written while trying to be clever and smart

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    I am inoculated against this book's charm HA HA HA HA HA But seriously she's got some weird ideas

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    I went into this hoping for some humor After reading Belly Laughs The Naked Truth About Pregnancy and Childbirth a couple years ago while I was pregnant I was hoping to continue the humor and gigglesInstead there are lots of supposedly humorous anecdotes about Ms McCarthy's love life Hollywood life and general life experiences including about getting a boob job botox and being harassed and physically assaulted at school I couldn't really find the last one humorous at all and even though she was trying to make a point about friendships I really kept thinking to myself WTF I'd report them to the police for view spoilersetting her hair on fire while on the school bus which is school property hide spoiler

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    I really enjoyed reading this book because it had a lot of good life lessons in there What put me off was the swearing Yes it starred the letters in the swearing ie Fck but it could have done without them But it was actually uite interesting I found that the situations in there are good to learn in any case It taught about self worth self love which is not to be confused with narcissism and being happy with who you are I'm glad I bought it because if I ever feel that I am not worth something or not happy with something I can always go back and read this book It makes me understand that the saying You can't love someone else if you don't love yourself is actually true And McCarthy has some pretty good points in it Also it has a love horoscope which I enjoy perusing ;So while I wouldn't have bought this book if you held it against a fantasy or romance book it taught me a lot of amazing lessons that I'm sure will help me through life And that's always good

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    Let's be honest the only reason I read this book was because of the cover I got through it in less than 24 h because you can skim through most of it and not miss anything If you read it to learn about McCarthy you'll be disappointed If you read it because you need a big laugh you'll be disappointed If you read it hoping to find relationship advice you'll be disappointed It's a collection of random thoughts bundled up as a set of essays with failed attempts to pull out a life lesson or two and sprinkled liberally throughout with pop psychology including something called The Work which Jenny seems to believe is relationship manna In a lot of ways it's like a seuel to Chelsea Handler's My Horizontal Life except written aboutby a totally different person

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    This one was a disappointment for me I've been kind of interested in Jenny McCarthy since her relationship with Jim Carrey and the birth of her autistic son which has revealed a deeper side to her However I think one of her other books especially the ones about autism would be a better fit for me I was expecting this to be funny but it kinda fell flat for me She just seems like she is trying too hard While this is a uick read I read it in a couple of hours that's virtually the only good thing I can say about it