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    I enjoyed this one a little than the last few for two main reasonsFirst the danger to Senior Physician Prilicla was a interesting line of approach for the plot than the others have had recently having a main character in danger obviously increases the tension levels and makes for an enjoyable read The solution to the ills has a deus ex machina ring to it but then what in this series doesn't?I also liked the aside about MacEwan and Grawlya Ki background on the hospital was a change of pace compared to the constant find diagnose panic and cure pattern of previous titlesThey're addictively fascinating reads Critics have said they decline in uality after the next one so I shall just have to see for myself

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    Four short stories which focus on the puzzle solving and the medical care of weird aliens This one is basically space ambulanceIn the couple of decades between the first books in this series and this one the author has noticed that women might also be doctors and there's less painful sexism to wade through Murchison has been transformed from nurse to pathologist though a good portion of her involvement in the story still revolves around her appearanceThe final story of the book is ironically focused on an alien which starts out as an inexperienced female and as it matures becomes experienced 'intelligent' and male

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    The usual adventures of Conway on the ambulance ship plus a flashback to where the idea of Sector General was created

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    This one also I'll keep posted as currently reading for some time because the first story is a mediate preuel to the series while the other stories are from uite a bit later on Ok got caught up Here's the restThis is one book where the dedication is very important It reads Dedicated to the Friends of Kilgore Trout who treated the impossible with the contempt it deserves' I too rarely follow up on hints like that I should seek out Kilgore Trout if I can Maybe when I catch up on my backlog nb my wits were woolgathering Kilgore Trout was a fictional character a fictional alter ego of Kurt Vonnegut JrContentsI ACCIDENT The general consensus is that the 'war heroes' heroes because they'd ended it centuries before have either become senile or paranoid in their fears of the danger of war in the Federation they've time jumped into by means of their period of suspended animation At any rate they're considered too militant in their opposition to war MacEwan and Grawlya Ki are also frustrated because they can't bring people to understand that the Federation is inherently unstable as long as the various species stand at arms' length or tentacle length from each other and maintain a painstaking politeness when they DO meetIt could be argued that it was fortuitous that MacEwan and Grawlya Ki found themselves mixed up in a very public accident at Retlin Complex on Nidia But it's not that implausible given the habit of reckless driving common among members of the smaller species compensation anyone? The main difference is that the accident is in the Alien Departure Lounge that there were press on hand that the accident began to look like it would involve a choice between the lives of chlorine breathers and of various species of oxygen breathers and that people who were poorly trained at first aid but well trained in complex problem solving happened to be on handThe resolution is not surprising since it's in the eponymous Sector General Book but the details are worthwhile I personally think that the Nidians should at least have consulted with the heroic rescuers over points of disaster preparation For example why were all the respirators Nidian sized in the OTHER SPECIES Departure Lounge? Why was it necessary to improvise a chlorine tent when there should have been Illensan stretchers available?But anyway it's nice to see old friends get a heroic curtain call and here's hoping they at least visited each other now and again in retirementII SURVIVOR This story parallels one in Mind Changer The survivor in this case is a shipwreck survivor The one in Mind Changer was in an ordinary ground transport accident Other details vary but both stories are about generally the same capacities and their impacts on members of other species The main problem in this story is the impact on Prilicla who suffers what is essentially an overload and a potentially fatal one for a Cinrusskin they're not very robust as readers of the series may have gathered Note that although the book is titled 'Sector General' much of the action is on the RhabwarIII INVESTIGATION This episode is about how people's minds jump to reasonless suspicions than about the actual emergency experienced by the unknown spaceship crew which has made a 'good landing' 'a good landing is one you walk away from' on the planet Trugdil this name is a serious insult in Kelgian Note however that there are sound reasons to send Cultural Contact missions to Trugdil since the 'mobile thorn bushes' are evidently fairly intelligent and if communication can be established mutually beneficial commerce might be established or at least a nonaggression treatyIV COMBINED OPERATION At the end of Major Operation Conway fresh off treating the strata beasts of Drambo is presented with a patient resembling the Midgard Serpent His comment 'Small isn't it?' is of course a matter of relative sizesThis story is a complete version of that sort of thing The colonists are capable of independent operation but they function best when formed into trains of individuals oldest first These creatures are born female and with age they grow male The trains consist of a variable number of individuals with the 'head' being an elder male and the 'tail' an immature femaleMurchison seems prone to take umbrage at the idea that the 'older wiser' components are the males I don't have a problem with that since the wisdom is clearly associated with greater age The males are not intelligent they're simply experienced And where experience grants wisdom this would mean that the wisest are now male But it's not as simple as that Since what's experienced by one is shared by all it's uite likely that some of the middle elements trending toward but not fully male would be the ingenious and imaginative and might come up with better solutions than the hidebound elders And even the as yet immature females may be able to overcome their relative lack of experience and come up with even ingenious ideas 'Out of the mouths of babes and striplings' and all thatA disturbing consideration is that the reproductively active females are pretty much by definition juveniles while the reproductively active males are uite a bit older One wonders what sort of taboos there would have to be to prevent premature fertilization of subadult 'tail' segmentsIn this case the colonists are refugees from a planet that has become uninhabitable To create a successful colony a superlong train was created which contains members of many dozens? of smaller trains This plan amounted to a sort of hybrid generationhibernation ship the best solution the colonists could come up with given limited time to prepare and no hyperdrive capability And it might have worked without help tooexcept for the accident There's evidence that there had to be some surgical alteration before launch but because there are now gaps in the chain due to the accident the Federation has to supplement the surgery to insure compatibility And the Federation ships have to replace the missing drive core segments Which will only take a few hundred small ships and about three capital shipsand a whole lot of finicky cooperation Nothing catastrophic about that surely?Next in seuence I conclude comes Star Healer

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    Four stories the first and last of which are the most engaging and the second of which is uite dull Especially in these shorter works White is not interested in character subtext or observations of human nature; this is pure 'white man engineers a solution to a problem' Golden Age esue sf so if you're allergic to that avoid this like the plague But the problems white male protagonist Conway solves are so interesting and uniue among the sf canon focussing on biology rather than engineering that they remain occasionally compelling to this day If all the human interaction bs could be elevated or eliminated this would be a much stronger work; the biological entities in distress conjured by White instill a real sense of wonder A minor entry in a minor author's contribution to a minor field biologically interested sf

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    Possibly my favourite of all the Sector General books I love them peacefully tripping round helping out random aliens And of course luckily all the aliens are happy to see them and lovely and peaceful

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    Second book in the Kindle omnibus Alien Emergencies The first section is a flash back to how the hospital came to be founded but the rest of the book continues with Dr Conway on the Rhabwar the ambulance ship introduced in the previous book of the omnibus

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    Contains a prelude about how the Sector General came to be finally Have been reading these in chronological order Remaining part of this book was also interesting and enjoyable

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    The book earns a weak five There are three stories and the medical mysteries are some of the best I've seen in the series 'Combined Operation' is really comparable in depth ingenuity and scope to the stories in 'Major Operation' 'Survivor' is not as impressive but still offers a bunch of curious symbiotic aliens 'Accident' is the first story in the series that doesn't involve any of its main characters and sheds some light on the origins of the Hospital Station — this time the author has successfully managed to introduce likeable new characters and an engaging action oriented plotThere are two things that make me ambivalent about the five star rating One the 'oxygen breathing warm blooded normal gravity' mantra is becoming tiresome Since the ambulance ship became the stage for most of the action the author continually and annoyingly avoids the opportunities that can be opened by other environments and organism typesTwo the whole 'emotional radiation' business that is one of the hallmarks of the series went up a notch in 'Survivor' I can get used to Prilicla's seizures — grumblingly but in this story the author doubles down on this already way too dodgy trope As I said earlier there are redeeming ualities to 'Survivor' — but 'emotional radiation' makes them what they are redeeming

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    Returning to a lovable sci fi series I picked up this one that I hadn't read yet I found its four novellas less emotionally involving than most of White's books but inviting to the intellect The exception is the first story which shows the inception of the idea of Sector General a hospital in space that treats every known sentient species from the galaxy and some from beyond itThe other three stories all tell adventures on the Rhabwar an ambulance ship fitted to answer disaster alerts from aliens the Federation hasn't yet met and each presents a problem to be worked out by Senior Physician Conway In Survivor a favorite character falls fatally ill Investigation brings the crew to the surface of a barely livable planet to rescue a crew with multiple missing limbs In Combined Operation Conway has to deduce the nature of his patient from the fragments of its space ship and then figure out how to get its agreement to being treatedJames White had a remarkably inventive mind both for alien species and for the diagnosis of their needs I moved right on to another Rhabwar book

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Sector General

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S and two war heroes must decide how many and which victims can be savedSurvivor A doctor contracts a fatal illness and his only hope lies in a colleague's courageInvestigation The victims have all lost their limbs and the medics think they have the answer but the. Possibly my favourite of all the Sector General books I love them peacefully tripping round helping out random aliens And of course luckily all the aliens are happy to see them and lovely and peaceful

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The incredible floating intergalactic hospital where exotic beings receive treatment from eually exotic doctors and nurses Each new species brings new problems but no case is too big too small too hopeless or too weird for Sector GeneralAccident A spaceship crashe. The usual adventures of Conway on the ambulance ship plus a flashback to where the idea of Sector General was created

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Y are wrongCombined Operation To reassemble a living jigsaw puzzle Dr Conway needs an alien's cooperation but first he must learn to communicate with itFour fabulous stories from Sector General Hospital including the story of the birth of the great hospital itself. Contains a prelude about how the Sector General came to be finally Have been reading these in chronological order Remaining part of this book was also interesting and enjoyable