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    Worth the price of admission just for the stories I'm Scared and Of Missing Persons The latter was once a staple of high school literature textbooks mid 1960s and still holds up today This collection was cited by Stephen King as having defined the boundaries of what later became Rod Serling's Twilight Zone and that's a spot on assessment Anyone looking for stories that have that Twilight Zone feel could do a lot worse than picking up this collection along with Finney's I LOVE GALESBURG IN THE SPRINGTIME Both these collections are long out of print but well worth searching out; several of the best stories in each were included in the recent selection of Finney's short stories ABOUT TIME Delightful stuff not to be missed

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    The Third Level seems like such a simple short story on the surface but there is so much great material underneath that made me think for days My imagination expanded exponentially after reading this as a kid and it made me begin to wonder things I would have never thought of before I definitely recommend The Third Level

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    1 The Third Level ★★★★Read this for the first time in school It caught my attention then and I stumbled across it again many years later A pleasant find was finding the rest of the stories that were published as a collection of short stories2 Such Interesting Neighbors ★★★★Just about sounds like the world we live in nowLife will barely be worth living Everyone working twelve fourteen hours a day with the major part of a man's income going for taxes and the rest going for consumers' goods priced sky high because of war production Artificial scarcities restrictions of all kinds And hanging over everything killing what little joy in life is left is the virtual certainty of death and destruction Everyone working and sacrificing for his own destruction Ted looked up at me A lousy world the world of the future and not the way human beings were meant to live 3 I’m Scared ★★★ Interesting I liked the ending4 Cousin Len’s Wonderful Adjective Cellar ★★★ 35Amusing Great placement of this story after I'm Scared Light hearted and breezy5 Of Missing Persons ★★★★Oooh This one really sucked me in I was in the mind of the protagonist I whisper shouted 'NO' once I liked this a lot6 Something in a Cloud ★★★Predictable ending Liked it nonetheless7 There Is a TideHmm No rating for this one Not that I disliked it I simply don't want to rate this one 8 Behind the NewsThe uality of the writing feels to have dropped after the first few This was alright9 uit Zoomin’ Those Hands Through the AirThese stories feel like a mild fever dream10 A Dash of Spring ★★★★Haha I definitely liked that one Notesview spoiler 1 Oh murder’ said Ralph ‘Oh death If I ever tried anything like that they’d have to thaw me out for two straight days with a blow torchI love Oh murder Not to be confused with Oh I love murder 2The girl looked up now at the young man ‘Boy what a story this is’ said Louise without enthusiasm ‘Now what? Is our hero handsome?’ She looked at his friendly grin and the laughter in his dark blue eyes ‘Oh ecstasy’ He pushed back his hat now in a sudden boyish gesture ‘And she saw that his toupee was slightly twisted? NopeHahah I like that 3 Ralph saw the same movie – just this ordinary average guy you see James Stewart who meets this girl by dialling the wrong number Ralph wondered if anything like that could really happen Just for the fun of it next night he tried the same thing; just closed his eyes and dialled a number ‘Huffnagel Cleaning and Dyeing’ said a voice and Ralph hung upHahahah hide spoiler

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    Though I'm not particularly fond of science fiction this one is my favourite By means of 'The Third Level' Jack Finney shows the human tendency to escape into the world that doesn't exist because the real life is too hard to handle The story shows the thin line that exists between schizophrenia and miracles

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    Stephen King recommended book and authorBook noted as important to the genre we have been discussing from Danse Macabre published in 1981 Author discussed in chapter 9

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    Fantastic collection of science fiction and fantasy short stories I have become a fan of Jack FinneyMy favourite stories in order of likeability1 Of Missing Persons2 There is a Tide3 Such Interesting Neighbours4 The Third Level5 I'm Scared6 Behind The News7 Second Chance

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    So nice when a book you've waited for and looked for for so long turns out to be every bit as good as you hoped

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    I adore Jack Finney

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    In 'The Third Level' Jack Finney interweaves daydream and reality The third level is nothing but a product of Charley's own mind It is undoubtedly a medium of ESCAPE for him Life in the modern world is full of diffidence trepidation conflict worries and trauma Man has to face up to them at all times The harsh realities of life make living uite obnoxious and even insufferable So he wants to escape into a wishful world Charley talks to his psychiatrist friend about the third level at the Grand Central Station His friend calls it 'a waking dream wish fulfillment' Charley possesses an escapist tendency Even his stamp collecting is a 'temporary refuge from reality' Charley finds comfort and peace in a world of fancy and romance His grandfather 'didn't need any refuge from reality' Things were pretty nice and peaceful in those days The third level has been an exit a way of escape for Charley He finds himself into the world of 1894 It was a world of romance with wooden gates derby hats beards and sideburnsThe way Charley comes across Sam's letter is surrounded in mystery Among his oldest first day covers he found an envelope It 'shouldn't have been there' But there it was It was not addressed to him It was mailed to the address of his grandfather It was written on July 18 1894 The postmark showed the picture of President Garfield Generally the first day cover has only a blank paper in the envelope But the paper inside wasn't blank It was written and signed by Sam to Charley Sam believed that Charley was right about the third level He wrote that he himself had found the third level He had been there for two weeks He asked Charley and Louisa to keep looking for the third level It is strange how such a letter was never noticed before It is even intriguing how Sam Weiner Charley's friend disappears Nobody knew where And a new mystery unfolds at the end Sam is none other than Charley's psychiatrist In short the letter is another of Charley's escapist fantasies Clearly it is another 'waking dream wish fulfilment' of Charley

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    Mindwebs audiobook 65 this is the second mini story Excellent 5 star story about a portal back though time Hogwarts style at Grand Central Station A great description of a romantic 1894 from the perspective of a stamp collector Turns out this story was a precursor to his breakthrough novel “Time and Again” with a similar theme He went to write Invasion of “The Body Snatchers” which became a film The first story in Mindwebs audiobook 65 was “Dry Spell“ by Bill Pronzini originally from Amazing Science Fiction Stories September 1970 Can’t find a reference on Goodreads It’s about writers block causing the author actual hunger so much so that when he finally postulates an idea for a tale involving alien mind control of all humanity he is self referentially nevertheless unable to recall it when he tries to put it down on paper 23 stars as it was rather predictable

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