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S Stockhausen and Carter the iconoclastic John Cage the individualistic Messiaen minimalist composers the new tonalists and women composers of all eras including Mendelssohn Hensel Chaminade Smyth Beach and Zwilich Scattered throughout are many changes and additions reflecting musicological findings of the past fifteen years. “We are in contact with a mind and we must attempt an identification with that mind” This is Schonberg's stance on understanding music Music cannot be divorced from the mind that created it It is not simply structural or harmonic analysis So Schonberg attempts to relate to each composer and the world and culture that produced him as well as the make and personality that lent itself to the creation of classical music Therefore it is largely biographical in contrast with The Great Pianists which focuses on the specific contributions of each pianistI often wondered at some of the “great” composers he included Some he terms “minor” composers Perhaps they did not contribute anything earth shattering but did produce works that continue to be popular ie Greig I can understand their inclusion But what of the chapter devoted to Meyerbeer Cherubini and Auber Not only did they not contribute anything significant to the repertoire but they also are never played But I suppose this is nitpickingOverall Schonberg is a great writer though I did feel he exhausted musical prose here than in The Great Pianists I lost count of how many composers found themselves to be an “anachronism in his own time” for example Still those who have not studied the composers before will find a fine exposition For those who have studied them before a fitting recapitulation

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In this new edition Harold Schonberg offers music lovers a series of fascinating biographical chapters Music the author contends is a continually evolving art and all geniuses uniue as they are were influenced by their predecessors Schonberg discusses the lives and works of the foremost figures in classical music among them. A good introduction to classical composers but this guy gets unnecessarily catty at times and if you're new to classical music and impressionable you may want to be wary of letting Schoenberg sway you against certain composers Another thing to consider pare this book with a premium Spotify subscription and you can build playlists to match what you're reading without having to drop huge wads of money operas can get expensive Also as you approach the late 19th century consider augmenting this with Alex Ross's The Rest is Noise Listening to the 20th Century

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Bach Mozart Beethoven the Schumanns Copland and Stravinsky weaving a fabric rich in detail and anecdote He also includes the creators of light music such as Gilbert and Sullivan and the StraussesSchonberg has extended the volume's coverage to provide informative and clearly written descriptions of the later serialists such a. I learned a lot but this was far too dry to merit than 3 stars Still glad I read it just from the standpoint of my own cultural edification Tout sur le chocolat : Le guide de l'épicurien just from the standpoint of my own cultural edification