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O get what he wants Pip’s sister Kinchen though is determined to rescue her brother and foil the Raft King’s plans This is but the first of three extraordinary stories that collide on the high seas of the Second World The second story takes us back to the beginning Venus and Swimmer are twins captured aboard a slave ship bound for Jamaica in 1781 They save themselves and others from a life of enslavement with a risky magical plan one that leads them from the shark infested. Excellent fantasy

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An enchanting historical fantasy adventure perfect for fans of Thanhha Lai's Newbery Honor winning Inside Out and Back Again   No one comes to the Second World on purpose The doorway between worlds opens only when least expected The Raft King is desperate to change that by finding the doorway that will finally take him and the people of Raftworld back home To do it he needs Pip a young boy with an incredible gift he can speak to fish; and the Raft King is not above kidnapping t. I like how the aut

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Waters of the first world to the second Pip and Kinchen will hear all about them before their own story is said and done So will Thanh and his sister Sang who we meet in 1976 on a small boat as they try to escape post war Vietnam But after a storm and a pirate attack they’re not sure they’ll ever see shore again What brings these three sets of siblings together on an adventure of a lifetime is a little magic helpful sea monsters and that very special portal A Crack in the Se. It was awesome I r

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