The Making of Goldeneye Review ✓ 2

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  • The Making of Goldeneye
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  • 07 October 2019
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The Making of Goldeneye µ 2 Review

Ed on October 12 20. I had been after this for a while as it was the only one I had missed and it was one of my favourite Bond films Lots of great information and pictures from behind the scenes

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1688 shippingThis t. Helps you go behind the scenes for what re started the Bond franchise after a eight year hiatus Includes production notes photos and the shooting script

Review The Making of Goldeneye

Itle will be releas. As a Bond fan I was delighted with this as it brought real nostalgia to me from the early 90s Bond It's written of its time and era but has great insight to Pierces thoughts and feelings at the time of filming and before It was truly a lovely gift from my daughter A true reminder why we all love Bond