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    Lore One of the big changes which have rubbed many people the wrong way of late has been certain alterations to the lore of the Imperial Guard Along with details which seem to be trying to tone down the grim darkness of the Imperium in their main codex the then recent backfire of Games Workshop's legal bullying caused a number of big changes In an attempt to make their copyright defensible the hobby has seen a number of old established names abandoned in favour of faux Latin variants As such what should be Codex Storm Troopers is now Codex Militarum Tempestus along with a few definite changes to their lore Despite this however it's not all that bad It's hardly a total failure and certain makes up for a lot of past mistakesFocusing upon a number of particular killers churned out by the Schola Progenium Codex Militarum Tempestus examines the history structure and lives of the Ordo Tempesus An elite rapid response force within the Imperium intended to bypass the Administratum's miles of red tape their highly trained suads and regiments are sent for the toughest of assaults and surgical strikes When the astartes aren't available Inuisition has no answers and the Last Chancers are nowhere to be seen the Tempestus are the forces sent in to clear things outNow to give the book the credit it is due many good elements from the Storm Troopers are kept The same glory boy irritation by the Imperial Guard is specifically referenced here with the various Scion regiments seen as little than exaggerated tin soldiers who take credit and leave taking casualties to them Similarly the old idea of there being only a single organisation is kept to a degree The old idea behind the Storm Troopers was originally that there was only a single regiment of a few thousand which sent out suads to where they were needed This was gradually abandoned over time besides on brief mention in the 5th Edition Imperial Guard codex as ideas of Storm Trooper regiments exclusive Inuisitorial detachments and similar things were added by authors There's also a good chance writers began to realise how big the galaxy actually was and how ineffective ten thousand troops would be when even the Adeptus Astartes outnumbered them While the numbers of troops have been expanded and we have regiments in place of suads the same spirit of that idea is presentThe above isn't the old idea to return either as many old concepts make a comeback Back in the days of 2nd and 3rd Edition large chunks of 40K were presented as a kind of intentional parody Much like Judge Dredd while there were big chunks which could be taken seriously and as an effective force dark deadpan comedy was laced throughout the books The codex sees the return of a number of these elements; emphasising upon the near psychotic brutality of Imperial discipline apparent incompetence of Imperial command and the you will not be missed attitude of their military However unlike the writer who declares They can never be Ultramarines there is a definite sense in the writing that the team behind this read Second Edition lore but were in the joke It might be played straight faced but there remains a few distinctive indications from the writing that they are not expecting the reader to take this with total seriousnessThese elements begin with the lengthy emphasis placed upon Tempestus training and the Schola's regimes Rather than skipping this point entirely or leaving it to a few sparse paragraphs massive sections go into the whole process behind training and recruiting children for Imperial forces Brutal beyond belief sections describe how the intense training and extreme processes are used to ensure the weak are weeded out and only the toughest most loyal and most disciplined forces make it through to their various organisations Two of the stand out points which emphasise this nature are a brief description of a final test for a Commissar which is to execute a comrade and the gristly method used to put down an uprising However these aren't simply done for the ebilz and to exaggerate the Imperium In the Commissar example it's backed with the suggestion that this is only one of a number of final potential tests and the cadet himself is being disposed of due to some critical failure The Schola is taking advantage of it to ensure that another student succeeds As for the other well read it for yourself on the right These are monstrous morally repugnant methods but there is a twisted kind of logic to them to help ensure success against ChaosThis sort of brutality backed by a twisted logic even carries over to the most basic recruitment methods Rather than targeting anyone and everyone for induction to the Progenium the sons and daughters of noble birth are specifically sought out These consist of survivors of great catastrophes sons and daughters of now deceased Imperial heroes and similar figures orphaned by circumstance Others are taken by the Progenium through far darker means to ensure they have a constant flow of recruits The idea behind this is to ensure that the blood and linage of their forces remains strong by having ties of the Imperium's greatest warriors within its ranks an idea which somewhat hearkens back to Napoleonic attitudes involving officersMost interestingly is that all this effort isn't purely for the codex's sake and gives some insight into the Imperium on the whole The Schola Progenium's forces are also used to train Sororitas Arbites Administratum and other core parts of humanity's defence against the alien daemon and traitor It's a nice world building focus but unfortunately things do begin to suffer once the book actually moves onto describing the Tempestus itself While we get some fantastic illustrations and looks into the Scions' tools and euipment the two pages actually spent focusing on the organisation itself largely repeat what was just explained While there are some good details here and there far too much focus is placed upon detailing the processes behind the cadets most of which was told far better just a page before This unfortunately robs the army of some of its identity and potential insights into how they are organised as a military force What helps make up for this failing to a degree is actually the stories Unlike the many supplement codices we have had up to now this codex thankfully avoids trying to turn the entire book into one massive narrative Instead follows the successful approach of previous codices Missions and certain figures are used as an example for what the army as a whole is capable of They are used to exemplify some of the concepts behind them and the characters involved are used as a part of the army rather than the only important figure with a lot of cannon fodder surrounding them The examples given are a desperate boarding action against an ork infested space hulk which needed to be intercepted a Commissar leading Catachan Jungle Fighters to extract an Imperial figure of authority from a threatened world with Scion assistance and the last heroic act of a Scion leader before he succumbs to a plague Some of these do suffer from the odd definite minor lore issue especially Catachans following a Commissar as they do it's nothing which can't be forgiven or put down to interpretation and for the most part they work Unfortunately we now have to move onto the problems Believe me the book has some very serious ones you would not expectThe flaws in uestion can't be put down to any single bit of fluff within the book or particular incident Instead they come from the writers' general approach to covering the army These can mostly be put down to two particular issues The first one of these being the lack of freedom when it comes to interpenetrating the Scions or integrating them into the universe The Storm Troopers have featured heavily in a multitude of various books and codices in the past each with varying different styles and depictions Anthony Reynolds' Word Bearers trilogy featured them as special forces glory boys with an element of humanity The Ciaphas Cain books featured them as extremely professional soldiers trained to work from an early age as a unit to the point of having a near telepathic unity and co ordination Ben Counter's works showed Inuisitorial troopers as almost robotic individuals clipped and focused only on the mission thanks to repeated mind wipes to avoid corruption and insanity The Scions don't leave any room for this sort of interpretation or variety While it is mentioned the various Schola do vary in their methods they each come down to similarly brutal tactics and specific methods They also are not so widely spread as before with no regiments put into service as the militant arm of the Inuisition or other forces and it creates some very big continuity entanglements across multiple books This could have easily been avoided if the Scions were specifically mentioned to be a part of the Storm Trooper Corps or were a sort of second generation version of the Troopers Unfortunately as it stands it's one big problem to be dealt withThe other very notable issue comes from one big problem which is very noticeable from the design of the models to the very early descriptions of their training The writers behind this were trying to turn them into astartes lite From the distinctive and ornate helms to the oddly similar methods of mental conditioning it doesn't take much to draw up a vast number of parallels between the two forces Things only become worse when their depiction as rapid shock troops seems far like space marines than before and the Scions' many regiments seem to be integrating elements usually found in chapters Their distinctive carapace armour is styled in a manner similar to that of a space marine bearing a less military design and colours than before and their very names are something which fits better with space marines Rather than the 188th Storm Trooper Regiment or 222nd Heavy Assault Corps and some nicknames now we have forces specifically called the Psian Jackals Deltic Dragons Epsilic Eagles and the likeThis issue would be bad enough in of itself but we even have entire regiments following aspects outlined with chapters While some are well thought out and well written others are obvious rehashes of notable aspects from space marine chapterslegions The Lambdan Lions follow the special relationship the Iron Hands have with the Mechanicus acting as their hired thugs when need be The Deltic Lions meanwhile are noted only to be extremely resistant to chemical and germ warfare in a similar manner to the loyalist Death Guard with Nurgle even taking a special interest in them The Alphic Hydras Betic Dragons and Alphic Lions are all only notable thanks to emulating the tactics offighting alongside specific chapters repeatedly Combined with brief mentions of details such as elements of the Codex Astartes being a part of the Scions' training and it's fairly obvious someone wanted them to emulate the astartesThe same even goes for each regiment's vehicles with Taurox Primes and Valkyries being named in a similar manner to Thunderhawk Gunships and Land Raiders Each presented as a kind of venerated relic rather than a mass produced military vehicle like those so often found within the Imperial Guard Rather than strengthening them all this does is really weaken any sense of identity behind the army and makes them appear as a second rate version of Games Workshop's pet mascots The Storm Troopers might never have been the most glorified or focused upon army but they still had a uniue identity to themselves than what is found here This might not have even been all that great a problem were it not for the extremely obvious padding which is present throughout the book Even accepting the repeated information a grand total of twenty pages are given over purely to examining each regiment in turn This is almost half the codex's pages devoted to the army's lore These feature only one or two paragraphs per regiment or vehicle and one massive image of a Scion the number of pages could have been halved or even uartered without loosing any information had the writers simply opted to downsize the text and each image Hell the book even proves this with two pages featuring two regiments per son yet still get the same amount of info acrossThe other real issue of note is the freuency in which the Scions are killed despite being the best of the best and the surprisingly low uality writing within some of the snap shot stories Now on the one hand it's actually good to see a codex not presenting its army as completely wanked out invincible with no signs of trouble On the other a little over a third of the stories within the timeline involving the Scions are humiliating defeats a phyrric victory and complete decimation by their enemy Many are often making a complete mockery of the Scions' skills and don't match up with what we know of them and others even render their victories completely pointless A few of these definitely work and present the eldar and kroot as dangerous adversaries for once but one or two less of these would not have gone amiss As for the writing several short bits are almost cartoonishly overblown in how they are written Perhaps the intention was to present them as a kind of war time propaganda piece but it just doesn't come across that way The descriptions depiction of events and near god like glorification of Commissars all raise this to the point of insane cheesiness when this could have been presented in a far better manner without too many changes The same sort of exaggerated style can still be done with just a little restraint and a greater emphasis upon the dark nature of the universe the 3rd Edition rulebook proves this with almost every pageIs Codex Militarum Tempestus bad? Definitely not but it's not exactly good eitherIt really only benefits from standards being so insanely low thanks to the supplement codices and in terms of lore it's a definite step down from Codex Imperial Knights That said it does for the most part successfully return to the semi satirical style lost for the past several editions and avoids the many problems which have plagued many books There's no emphasis upon characters over the army no massively lore breaking aspects and no moments of complete and utter stupidity which throw you out of the moment Not to mention that it avoids recycling some art and features some fantastic new pieces depicting the Scions in action The uality differs from section to section and a little editorial involvement and focus on the part of the writers could have definitely improved the book In terms of lore it's just okay rather than being truly great and a bit of a disappointment given the wasted potential hereRules Whereas the recent Codex Imperial Guard and to me personally that army is still the Imperial Guard no matter what Games Workshop says featured their forces as a sledgehammer the role of the Tempestus is one of a scalpel With fewer far elite troops iron discipline and rapid assault vehicles than a few players seem to be referring to them as a poor man's Elysian Drop Troops While that might be true to a point it's none the less filling a niche option within the army usually reserved for supplements with similar troops from one iconic army being taken in a new direction In many respects this is honestly a supplement done right without the many failings often found within those booksThe first major improvement of note is that there is are scenarios no Planetstrike stratagems no shoehorned efforts to force players to buy rulebooks and a clear focus upon vanilla 40K While there might still be padding here and there just see the examples in the lore section there's at least some indication that the design team aren't using this to farm even cash from people The only definite bonus the army keeps is one which actually saves the player some cash The two formations they army can take are already present within the book rather than kept on Dataslate Formations Already that's a few major gripe dealt with from similar mini codices and things keep looking and promising from thereUnlike the supplements there is much of a sense of getting a uniue army Even ignoring the Scions and army specific models the various rules and uniue suad details make this feel like a separated army Not simply a version of the Imperial Guard with a few new toys and a fresh coat of paint The most general of these are that all models within the army come with Deep Strike and Move Through Cover special rules making them extremely mobile and something akin to the Tau Empire than many other forces Better yet atop of all this they do not have to pay the usual tax to be scoring units As such in the hands of the right person they're eually effective in both slugging matches and objective based scenariosThese basic attributes would usually be something to criticise as it might make the army too easy to use but there are a few distinct elements which do help to balance out this force Foremost among these is the limitations when it comes to units Being like special forces than a sledgehammer the soldiers in this army are elite They're the sorts deployed against specific targets rather than frontline troops and you soon begin to realise that they rely heavily upon successes in initial strikes and keeping up a continual momentum While they army is tougher than the basic Guard forces they can't take uite so many hits and can be blunted if approaching the wrong enemy the wrong wayTake for example the new Taurox Prime APC which might as well be this army's strength's and weaknesses personified The vehicle can move uicker than Chimera transports is accurate and is far better armed than its contemporaries At the same time however the vehicle has some very specific weaknesses which can easily be exploited namely its armour At 111010 it's not exactly the most durable vehicle to ever enter the battlefield and it's long sides mean that it easily runs the risk of being flanked and taken out Players need to be careful about where it is placed think about their actions and use their army's best attributes to avoid getting hit too often Not as can unfortunately be the case of a few certain armies rush forwards and rely upon sheer raw power to win the dayCLICK ON THE LINKS TO READ THIS IN FULL

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    It's good to see Games Workshop produce an army list force for Stormtroopers and I'm excited to give this list a whirl in the new Edition though I foresee some of the issues already mentioned tactical analysis of the army which are easily found on the web I really wish that Chimeras were a transport option for this army to save me some painting and because I think the Chimera offers tactical options In reference to the reading content of the book itself the history included is good reading as I did not know much about the Schola Progenium before reading this book

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    Probably once of the worst codexes I've read from GW Very bland No wonder they didn't put individual authors on it it's pretty bad

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