Taste of Salt A Story of Modern Haiti review ´ 3

Taste of Salt A Story of Modern Haiti

review Taste of Salt A Story of Modern Haiti

N climb out of the slums of Port au Prince But she is torn between her mother's hopes and her own wishes for herself and for HaitiFather Jean Bertrand Aristide has a story A dream of a new Haiti one in which every person would have a decent life a house with a roof clean water to drink a good pl. This was a very good book

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Every Life Makes a StoryDjo has a story Once he was one of Titid's boys a vital member of Father Jean Bertrand Aristide's election team fighting to overthrow military dictatorship in Haiti Now he is barely alive the victim of a political firebombingJeremie has a story Convent educated Jeremie ca. Although this is a fictional account of events in Haiti in the 1970's it is based on fact President Duvalier had been deported and replaced by a military general The US urged an election but it was a total sham The country was lawless; economic and social ineuality appalling Some time later Jean Bertrand Aristide was elected President Given the sad state of the country and Aristede's reform minded governance as well as the interference of the US Aristide was eventually driven out of Haiti to So Africa He was not allowed to return for many years This being a story for children the political situation is only touched upon The story is focussed on a poor Haitian boy and a girl telling their experiences and their feelings over several years during this periodTheir situation might seem like a fairy tale to children as though it happened long ago and far away It might also be an opportunity to discuss real life situations in the present

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Ate of rice and beans every day a field to work inAt Aristide's reuest Djo tells his story to Jeremie for Titid believes in the power of all of their stories to make change As Jeremie listens to Djo and to her own heart she knows that they will begin a new story one that is all their own togethe. The grimmer made it very confusing

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Frances Temple grew up in Virginia France and Vietnam About her third book she wrote The Ramsay Scallop is about our need for adventure and motion for throwing in with strangers trusting and listening The story began to take form in northern Spain along pilgrim trails; was fed by histories stories letters by the testimony of a fourteenthcentury shepherd by the thoughts of today's pilgr

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