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Ry varietyEnlisting the help of her shopaholic friend Chloe and sexy club magician Jackson Blake Ivie is forced to play a literal game of cat and mouse as she races against the clock to change her ex back before she's arrested for his murderWith every new spell comes a f. This was a l Petit Larousse du chocolat ex back before she's arrested for his murderWith Dictionnaire exquis du chocolat: La référence pour tous les amoureux du chocolat every new spell comes a f. This was a l

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PMS can be a real witchIvie McKie isn’t your run of the mill kindergarten teacher After an encounter with a horny goat followed by a confrontation with her lying cheating fiancé Ivie is shocked when the big jerk suddenly transforms into a skunk the black and white fur. After Ivie M Petits desserts au Nutella encounter with a horny goat followed by a confrontation with her lying cheating fiancé Ivie is shocked when the big jerk suddenly transforms into a skunk the black and white fur. After Ivie M

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Resh wave of sexual desire drawing Jack further into Ivie’s troubles her panties the car the kitchen and assorted seedy bathrooms along the wayIvie soon discovers what every witch worth her spell book knows There’s nothing worse than a bad case of Post Magical Syndro. This story w Petits chocolats gourmands every witch worth her spell book knows There’s nothing worse than a bad case of Post Magical Syndro. This story w

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    Ivie McKie's day starts off pretty bad She is a kindergarden teacher that just found out she can't get out of a field trip that is headed to a farm She had a previous bad experience but surely lightning can't strike twice? She is oogling a hot vet when that lightning does hit in the form of a horny goat When she gets home not only are her expensive Ralph Lauren boots ruined her fiance Matt shows up at home and wants his engagement ring back He is getting married to someone elsenever mind that he is banging half the town Ivie gets pissed off and Matt ends up stinking Literally Somehow she turns him into a skunk Ivie is shocked that it happened She didn't know she could do that She goes to find someone to help her with her ex fiance since his new one has reported him missing and Ivie is the prime suspectShe enlists the help of a local hot magician named Jack the thing ishis magic is all faked That's okay though because Jack is super hot and one of the side effects of Ivie doing magic is now she is super horny Other side effects include her hair turning bright red and her boobs growing Ivie is on a roll Plus now her ex is a dog He really should stop pissing her off The cops start closing in so Ivie's best friend Chloe puts aside her shopping to join in with the uest to turn douche bag Matt back into himself This book is actually pretty fun it's total light reading with some hawt porny scenes that I totally read twice skimmed The ending was over the top but it's still fun if you want a little paranormal porny time Booksource Netgalley in exchange for review There are several fun reviews for this book posted I'm selecting this one to highlight Just because

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    After Ivie McKie has a horrible day out on a farm during a field trip with her kindergarten class she comes home to find herself alone all evening and begins to worry about her fiance Matt Around midnight Matt returns home only to ask Ivie for her engagement ring back he is going to marry someone else and gives her the weekend to pack up and move out of his house Ivie becomes enraged and the next thing she knows there a poof and lying cheating Matt is now a skunk Matt was supposed to be flying out to Vegas to marry his new fiance and when he doesn't show up she calls the police claiming Ivie must have killed him Frantic Ivie has no idea who to trust or what to do She finds a magician on Craigslist Jackson Blake that she thinks might be able to help her Being someone that never sticks to one specific genre to read I love when an author ventures out and combines different elements to a story to make it something uniue Erica Lucke Dean has done a great job with Suddenly Sorceress making it a great mix of chick lit and paranormal that takes the reader on a fun ride with Ivie and her friends as they go through adventure after adventure trying to figure out how to return Matt back into a human that had me laughing the entire time Ivie was a wonderfully likable character that you couldn't help but root her on as she discovers not only who she really is but her own happiness after living a life of just settling with the jerk of a fiance Chloe Ivie's best friend is absolutely hysterical and Jackson Blake the steamy sexy magician was very drool and swoon worthy the entire time Overall an outrageous comical adventure into the paranormal Definitely would recommend this fun book if you enjoy chick lit andor paranormalI received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewFor reviews please visit

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    45Book source Many thanks to Red Adept for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest reviewIvie Marie McKie is an average everyday garden variety Kindergarten teacher who has incredibly bad luck on farm field trips and bad taste in fiancés Well she thought she was average and even a bit boring until the day she turns Matt into the skunk that he is Wut? When Google is no help she resorts to searching Craigslist and finds Jackson Blake who claims to be a magician He may or may not be a magician but he is definitely a hottie who ignites sparks in Ivie so she enlists his and her best friend Chloe’s help in figuring out how to change Matt back into a human before the cops arrest her for his murder body or notWhat a fun ride this is No sympathy for Matt but poor Ivie Can you imagine just living your life until the day you get so enraged you turn someone into a skunk and have no clue how you did it or how to reverse it? First you have to believe what your eyes are telling you even if it seems completely out of the realm of believability Then you have to figure out a way to fix it when the internet is no help And finally you have to do it fast because the cops are asking uestions you can’t answer without being arrested or put into a rubber roomThe writing is excellent and the pace is just about perfect I had to take a bit away for a scene towards the end that I thought was unnecessary but on the whole it clips along at a good speed with Ivie trying to stay one step ahead of the cops The characters are wonderful and the dialogue is snappy If you want a lighthearted fast paced humorous romantic fantasy about a newly discovered witch then I highly recommend spending an afternoon with this one

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    OMG first I have to say that I absolutely love Erica Lucke Dean She had me on the floor laughing my ass off because some of the situations in this book had me holding my ribs because I was laughing so effing hard I am not going to give away any spoilers but I will say this if you want a crazy mix of chick lit and paranormal with a side of revenge then this is the story for youIvie is living her dream She is a kindergarten teacher and she is engaged to a very popular Chiropractor Matt She thinks she has the life until one day she is waiting for Matt to come home and when he does he is there to break off the engagement and tell her he has moved on and is marrying someone else Lord she gets so mad I mean she saw red and something snapped inside her and she turns Matt into a skunkLord I have never laughed so hard in my life She turned that lying cheating bastard into a skunk and now she has to find a way to change him back into a human This is where the hot ass magician comes in Jackson aka Jack is a magician and he is going to help Ivie change Matt back to a human But along the way Ivie and Jack start to have feelings for one another and can't keep their hands off one another and holy eff the scenes between these two is hot and steamy and yes you will need a glass of ice cubesSo what happens to the Matt the skunk? Does Ivie and Jack change him back or will Ivie go to jail for murder?????????????????? This is one kick ass story

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    This was a lot of laughs Really enjoyed this book and author

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    I read a friendly reviewer’s comments on this book and as we have a tendency to read the same novels and rate them almost the same most of the time she made this seem so appealing I knew I just had to read it myself and I’m so glad I didThe scene with the goat at the farm will live in my memory for a long time as will so many other antics in this hilarious laugh out loud magical romance Just imagine you’re a uiet unassuming kindergarten teacher but when you got so cross with your boyfriend breaking up with you that you mysteriously managed to magically morph him into a horrendously smelly skunk You can’t let him go off into nature you need to change him back but don’t know how you changed him in the first place The resulting escapades will have you giggling your way through the story as Ivie tries to work out how she’s changed her ex with the help of friends old and new whilst the police investigate his possible murder with Ivie as the number one suspectThis is one of the funniest comical paranormal romances I have ever read This story has so many crazy situations and her ex is sure paid back by her actions This is the first novel by this author that I’ve read and I’ll certainly be looking out for others by her in future With great characters plenty of humour and magic I have no hesitation in highly recommending this to anyone who enjoys light hearted hilarious paranormal chick lits what a winning combinationThanks to the author publisher and NetGalley too for letting me read an ARC of this book in exchange for this an honest review and to Carrie for alerting me to this fantastic read

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    I’ve read books that combine something paranormal with another genre  romance thriller and horror immediately come to mind  but I don’t think I’ve ever read one that tossed chick lit and paranormal together before Both the story conflict and much of the humor in Suddenly Sorceress come about due to Ivie the protagonist finding that she can cast spells although she’s not sure exactly how she’s doing it or how to undo what she’s doneWhile I felt sorry for Ivie and wondered if she was going to find a way to turn her ex fiancé back into a human I was also laughing at her the entire time Some of that was because of the situations she found herself in getting attacked by a horny goat and some was the author’s sense of humor or way of describing something One example is the pop culture reference when Ivie as the narrator said she “felt the wintry air soak into me and shook like Bruce Banner in the throes of a temper tantrum” Another was prompted by her hair which changed color over time although she wasn’t dyeing it starting out with red highlights and eventually turning bright red which prompted thisI look like Ronald McDonald’s slutty younger sister “Would you like a happy ending with that value meal?”This was a very fun read even for this non chickOriginally written for Books and Pals book blog May have received a free review copy

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    Suddenly Sorceress Full of snortable snarky awesomeness Where To Katie with Love with its sudden twists and plot surprises left us Suddenly Sorceress took it up and ran fast lightening fast up to another level of awesome Our leading lady Ivie McKie a run of the mill kindergarten teacher is engaged to very “popular” chiropractor Matthew Smith A bit too popular it seems After Ivie has a rather adventurous field trip experience at the price of her Ralph Lauren Boots see the Pinterest board below for an image and her favorite white shirt not to mention her dignity all she wants is to crawl in bed and wait for her fiance to get home She waits and waits and waits and when he finally does it was not the greeting she expected Matt calls off their engagement and announces he is going to marry Candy one of his umm well I did mention he was popular right? Ivie sees red almost literally and something inside her pops the next thing she knows Matt has been turned into a lying cheating skunk What happens next had me laughing my ass of to the point I almost threw up laughing so hardGoatI actually had to stop reading one night because Geoff was trying to talk on the phone to the store and I kept laughing out loud and snorting YES snorting like I said above Suddenly Sorceress had me suddenly snorting over and over and over Y’all know me and my thing for goats? I am not sure if it is a thing but I find any stories involving goats enduring I think Erica has a bit of experience herself considering she lives on a haunted farm She raises PIGS people And she has a pet Chicken andTurkeys and umm OH I digress back to the goatsWhat Ivie didn’t know when she and the goat had their moment was what and who would be on her side later on More magic then she ever felt possible found her and I don’t think she ever thought anything like that was possible Plus the goat I mean look at him he got lucky btw did you know Erica has a goat named Lucky but it is a she Heh I told you Maybe she should rename it IvieOH and any of you fashionistas in the crowd will love it Again see the boots below Her best friend Chloe considers shopping a necessity for living Being a trust fund baby who makes a good money on her own the references are not just funny but again fashion But what Chole really is good at is better at is being a best friend This is one of Dean’s strengths her friendships within the pages They are strong and faithful She shows the faults that everyone has and because of this her characters are so believable even when they are turning lying cheating bastards into skunks and other various things And as uirky and ridiculous some of Ivie’s thoughts are as soon as her mother is introduced I think I peed a little laughing so hard HEY I have had five children I can admit this sort of DON’T JUDGE MEscooby doo halloween costumes ebayThe scene that had me laughing my ass off and am really glad she was talked into keeping it the way it was is well I umm CRAP it would be spoilers But when you are faced with Halloween and the cops are after you you gotta do what you gotta do Plus Chloe had the boots If I were to pick a favorite scene it would no I don’t think I can Everyone and everyone was perfect and necessary There was no “who gives a s” moments in this book what so ever Oh crap hmmm all the sex scenes are awesome I love the scene where John asks who the hookers are snickering just go read it and you will find out and I adored all the interactions with her motherPerhaps one of my favorite was the basement scene One scene which is the one where Ivie really comes into her own power where she learns she controls the magic not the other way around was the basement scene I think if I was to answer this seriously this was a wonderfully wrought bit of symbolic groupings Her ability to control her magic was her realizing she actually did have some control in her life There are subtle metaphors everywhere and don’t discount any of the characters even the bouncer They all serve a purpose in how our focalizer Ivie realizes her full worthIf I can be cheesy and I do apologize for this the book really was magical It was not all laughter there was some really hot steaming scenes between Ivie and the man Jackson oops JACK There are also a lot of serious moments Jack ends up being the first man in a long time possibly ever to show her just how worthy she is of someone who cares and loves her oh and can give her hot steamy bathroom sex to boot Even if they don’t get to join the mile high club they do manage to defile uite a few surfaces basements dirty little holes and her childhood room Perhaps I am giving you a bit to much but I really hope I have intrigued you enough to give it a shotSuddenly Sorceress will have all you snorters starting the cat annoying the husbands and having your children think you are insane Just go with it Dean is a writer who really draws you in and keeps you wanting till the very end of which I cried like a baby Go grab your copy today

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    This story was absolutely the most fun I've had reading in a while From the moment I met Ivie I liked her She was smart cute humble and just a bit accident prone Perhaps accident prone isn't the right choice of words here but things tend to happen to her When she loses her temper with her cheating fiancé and he changes into a skunk she scrambles to figure out how to turn him back into his regular self Nothing like this has ever happened to her beforeThe plot twists and turns as Ivie searches all the wrong places for answers to her dilemma One of those wrong places is a magic show in a seedy part of town where she meets gorgeous part time stage magician Jackson Blake who leads her to believe he might be able to help Ivie is totally out of her element and desperately grasping at straws as she tries to elude the police by hesitantly involving her best friend Chloe Everyone needs a best friend like Chloe She was as eccentric as she was loyal She kept me laughing and I loved her styleAs certain elements in the story change the stakes raise higher and Ivie's mother gets pulled into the fray Certain facts about the past are brought to light and Ivie's world is turned upside down yet again I can't say the ending was a complete surprise but I can say it ended the way I was hoping it would I had my fingers crossed anywayThe plot moves at a good pace and twists back on itself than once The foible filled characters were all well developed and the dialogue was thoroughly entertaining It was fun giving into the magical elements of this story and Ms Dean's Post Magical Syndrome was a fascinating twist If you are looking for a fast fun sexy story that will leave a smile on your face I highly recommend this oneFYI Adult sexual situations and adult language that may be offensive to someFormatTypo Issues Although I read an Advanced Readers Copy I found no significant errorsOriginally written for Books and Pals book blog May have received a free review copy February 20 2014

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    25 maybe? Mostly just meh