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The Boy Knight of Reims

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SYNOPSIS Historical novel based on the life of Jean d'Orbais who was born under the shadow of Reims Cathedral From his earliest childhood he sees it growing in beauty through the efforts of the master craftsmen wh.

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O are at work on it When he is ten he is apprenticed to a goldsmith and begins his education in the arts The story of his career his apprenticeship his escapades his ambitions and his final success are shown throu.

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Gh his eyes in the bustling town of Reims in the fourteenth century with its crafts and guilds its merchants and its beggars its nobles and its soldiers He hears too of the Maid of Orleans and her fight for France.

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    94100 566 ≈ 5 Stars Oh my goodness Believe it or not this book is actually worldview changing On the surface it is just a very well written novel for kids set in medieval times That on its own would have made it recommendableBut there's an extra dimension to this novel which sets it apart from all the rest of its kind It also serves as a textbook for beauty art and architecture I think I learnt from this little novel about the purpose of art then I could have from many courses and textbooks on the subjectIt demonstrates so fabulously what we humans could be doing with our time Gives us insights into the men of the middle ages Towns which dedicated entire centuries to beautifying their cathedrals buildings homes clothes objectsThe wonderfully balanced order of the guilds is also demonstrated skillfully All in all it made my heart soar Seeing Strasbourg Cathedral a short time after reading this book was indescribably upliftingContrast such joy with the stark reality of the modern age the blasting of such marvels as the Reims Cathedral during a brain dead world war centuries to build up; minutes to ruin

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    This was a pretty good book and not half as boring as i thought it would be I actually enjoyed the plot and the ending was satisfactory

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