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The Night Flyers American Girl History Mysteries #3

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A brave clever girl solving an intriguing mystery at an important time in America's past When Pam's homi. This was an

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These suspenseful stories will leave readers on the edge of their seats Each spine tingling tale features. I think tha

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Ng pigeons disappear while her father's away fighting in World War I she uncovers evidence of an enemy sp. This story Secrets of Successful Pharmaceutical Salespeople uncovers evidence of an enemy sp. This story

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    I will never be able to get over how American Girl made such an impact on the historical fiction for young girls genre I truly believe that they are one of the biggest reasons why I became such a history lover and why to this day historical fiction remains one of my preferred genres But anyway enough ramblingThis was a great story that I read in an afternoon I remember reading it when I was younger and enjoying it and reading it as an adult I still very much enjoyed it Jones has a way of driving the story forward with a mystery that even as an adult I wasn't able to solve I grew fond of Pam and I appreciated how her story offered a glimpse into the time period Plus I liked how that glimpse was historically accurate and how it tied into the historical text at the end Not to mention that Jones' writing was beautifully descriptive I mean I was there with Pam in the woods and in the swamp Overall I really enjoyed this one I'd recommend this one if you are looking for a great historical fiction for the young reader in your lifeor if you are a young reader yourself

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    This was a cute and informative mystery I liked the pigeons and how well the leading gal worked with them I didn’t know about this angle to WWI so I was glad to learn about it I might just have to research about it nowContent two profane words replacement expletives smoking including underage smoking

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    I think that somewhere along the line American Girl has sidetracked from what they originally set out to do as the Pleasant Company it used to be about making American history interesting making any girl feel that she could have been apart of it Now what are the goals? Just selling dolls and clothes I say that because AG never needed to market dolls with this series These books stood on their own they were well done and a tasteful way of introducing young girls into a 'grown up' genre while still educating and giving a sense of historical interest and accuracy I'm still enjoying how well written this series is and touching some history that I'd forgotten I'd learned And I'm not slamming AG for their dolls because of course I dreamed about having my own Felicity doll to enjoy reading the books with and so I grew up and became a collector of AG dolls lol but in the new catalogs and websites it feels only about selling dolls in trendy clothes The sense of history and teaching girl history has been lost along the wayside and I'm sorry for that

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    The now defunct History Mysteries were each one off stories set in different times and places in American history They're a little longer and aimed a little higher than the main American Girl books The Night Flyers is set in World War I era North Carolina This particular plucky girl detective sets out to discover who's stealing her birds and if the new man in town with a strange accent is a German spy There's actually uite a bit going on here but it all ties together fairly well in the end

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    This book is good it tells you that things aren't always like they seem Also tells you that the people you don't like sometimes aren't all that bad

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    This was an excellent history mystery by Elizabeth McDavid Jones I remember distinctly not liking one of her books so I was hesitant to read this one but it was very good I would love to read of her books to see if I like themThis story is about Pam Lowder a young girl who has an excellent talent with training animals She and her Papa have trained some of the best pigeons in the country But when her Papa goes off to fight in the Great War Pam is left to take care of the pigeons by herself Eventually you find that an interesting new stranger has arrived in Pam's small seemingly insignificant town He has a foreign accent and his behavior is relatively strange to everyone in the town He is very secretive and unusual The townsfolk are sure that he is a German spy What startles Pam is that he is extremely interested in her Papa's pigeons which she refuses to sell to him even for a shocking offer of two hundred dollars Around the time that she refuses to sell the birds they start to go missing Pam is sure that the foreigner is connected with the missing birds and she is willing to spy on HIM to find out the truthThis book won an award for children's best mystery and I can honestly say that I can see why This is one of those mysteries that makes sense when you look back at the plot after you've read the book I loved reading it and devoured the book in two days

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    This story takes place in the US In 1918 late in World War I Pam Louder is a young girl who lives with her mother with her father away fighting in the war Pam loves to raise pigeons and has managed to train some to be able to fly at nightInto the area comes a man with a German accent who has an interest in pigeons and wants to buy Pam's but she's not selling them He seems to be spending money rather freely but gradually Pam begins to wonder if he is actually a German spy Propaganda of the time was virulently anti German and people expected spies to be everywhereThings go bad when one by one Pam's pigeons start to disappear She goes in search of the stranger's house and finds that he has lots and lots of pigeons already Things aren't as simple as they seem though and Pam ends up suspecting a number of different people in addition to which she actually ends up becoming involved in an important project to help the American army in their fight in EuropeThere are lots of twists and turns in the story and it proves to be uite interesting including the historical section which explains just how pigeons were of vital importance to the war effort for both sides Definitely one of the better and interesting books in the series

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    Yes this is another of my collection of books acuired from teaching 4th grade And yes it's an American Girl book But soooo good for a uick little read Loved it History regional culture and a cool little mystery and a heroine that anyone could identify with Good story that I cannot wait to pass onto to one of my nieces I also liked that the approach didn't make Pam perfect and addressed some of the issues of the time and place like poverty and discrimination And

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    Just one of the many reasons I like to read books for young adults is explained in detail at I uote from their website which is very well writtenIt’s not a secret that books written for children teens and young adults YAs often sell far copies than even the most popular adult reads Although a relatively new market having only really fully developed over the past 50 years the children’s book industry has grown astronomically to become worth millions of pounds worldwide with authors such as JK Rowling Suzanne Collins Michael Morpurgo John Green and Jacueline Wilson uickly becoming household favouritesPerhaps one of the most important things to note about the teen and YA market in particular though is that the majority of its readers 55% according to a 2012 study are actually adults Yes you read that right adultsOnce upon a time it would have been shameful for adults to read books written for teenagers never mind admitting that publicly but nowadays it has become so common that many have even taken to blogging to discuss and review what they have read At YA events such as book signings and author talks a staggering number of attendees are aged 18 or over – showing that the prior societal damnation of adults reading books for young people is no Perhaps the real mystery then is not why the works of the authors above have been so successful commercially it’s because they’re amazing books but why they and other books like them have appealed to so many people beyond their target audience This in itself creates a sub mystery too why do these books remain popular years after they are first published and what is it about our current society and world that means that their messages and values are still applicable to us?

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    51520 age 9 The story is about a girl named Pam who has a passion for animals I loved it I liked the part when she got her pigeons back I did not like the part when she and Henry got into a big fight Words that describe this book exciting funny surprising scary entertaining It was surprising when she found out that a girl had approached Armiger not a boy I would recommend this book to people who like fun stories