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A Reforming People

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S a premise of all civil governance Encouraging broad participation and relying on the vigorous use of petitioning they also transformed civil and criminal law and the workings of courts The outcome was a civil society far less authoritarian and hierarchical than was customary in their age indeed a society so advanced that a few dared to describe it as “democratical” They were well ahead of their time in doing soAs Puritans the colonists also hoped to exemplify a social ethics of euity peace and the common good In a case study of a single town Hall fo. Hall carefully debu

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A revelatory account of the aspirations and accomplishments of the people who founded the New England colonies comparing the reforms they enacted with those attempted in England during the period of the English Revolution Distinguished historian David D Hall looks afresh at how the colonists set up churches civil governments and methods for distributing land Bringing with them a deep fear of arbitrary unlimited authority grounded in either church or state these settlers based their churches on the participation of laypeople and insisted on “consent” a. I’ve been spoiled

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Llows a minister as he encourages the townspeople to live up to these high standards in their politics This is a book that challenges us to discard long standing stereotypes of the Puritans as temperamentally authoritarian and their leadership as despotic Hall demonstrates exactly the opposite Here we watch the colonists as they insist on aligning institutions and social practice with euity and libertyA stunning re evaluation of the earliest moments of New England’s history revealing the colonists to be the most effective and daring reformers of their d. Not the most access

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