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Healing Doctor Ryan

SUMMARY Healing Doctor Ryan

Ts treating Ian FitzgeraldIan’s warm smile and determination easily punch holes in Bran’s barriers Taking a step back to rebuild the walls around his heart Bran takes off to his weekend house in Newport He can’t surrender to Ian and he can’t ever get involved wi. This was a beautiful love story of two amazing men one an oncologists and the oth


Oncologist Brannigan Ryan is used to people falling for him With his black Irish good looks and easy bedside manner he’s a favourite among patients Surrounded by death on a daily basis however Bran has learned to harden his heart uite effectively That is until he star. This is a review of the audiobookOverall – 5Performance – 5Story – 5A very

Carol Lynne ¹ 1 READ

Th a patient When a treasure and a message in a bottle wash ashore on his beach he’s forced to re examining his determination and wonder if he can’t open himself to love after allReader Advisory This story was released as part of the Legend Anthology by Total E Boun. Excellent short story