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Distribution City

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Welcome to Distribution City A Midwest Metropolis thats filled with Sex Drugs and Violence It's a place where the cost of Drugs are high and the price of Life is cheap Follow Saheed a local ghetto celebrity as he struggles to leave the game and make a change A successful exit seems impossible after spendin.

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Are reality for millions of people across America and a Glimpse of the Skeleton's in their Closet's Distribution City is the debut novel by Boss Fred and as soon as it was published became an instant classic Distribution City is a book anyone with a open mind should read and a story you don't want to miss. Web Design is Dead you don't want to miss.

Boss Fred ½ 5 Read

G his life in the streets With the odds against Saheed and the Ghosts of his past haunting him its a struggle just to survive Distribution City is a fast paced urban thriller with a great story and excellent character development Although it is a work of fiction the type of incidents played out in the book.