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Ns a journal Random Passage satisfies the craving for those details that headstones and history books can never give the real story of our Newfoundland ancestors of how time and chance brought them to the forbidding shores of a new found land It is a saga of families and of individuals; of acuisitive Mary Bundl. I really enjoyed this book I found at times to be a bit muddled with the huge cast of characters and the abrupt change of narrator took a bit to get used to Overall though I enjoyed going along the journey of the families in Random Passage

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E; of charming Ned Andrews whose thievery has turned his family into exiles; of mad Ida; of Thomas Hutchings who might be an aristocrat a holy man or a murderer; and of Lavinia who wrote down the truth and lies about them all Random Passage has been adapted into a CBC miniseries and is now a national bestseller. I liked the book from an historical point of view How these settlers survived is beyond me There were too many characters to keep track of and not all were very well developed I lost track of who married whom The narrative was a bit flat

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Forced to flee England the Andrews family books passage to a fresh start in a distant country only to discover a barren inhospitable land at the end of their crossing To seventeen year old Lavinia uprooted from everything familiar it seems a fate worse than the one they left behind Driven by loneliness she begi. Newfound land Lavinia Andrews her mother two brothers their wives and their children find themselves departing their Weymouth home for the harsh land that lies across the Atlantic Ocean Similar to other Canadian novelists Bernice Morgan doesn't sugarcoat the frigid temperatures of a Canadian winter or how close to starvation the early Europeans were in trying to wedge out a life for themselves I am not going to mince words this was a bleak book But it was a story that lured me in and helped me get a great tan on the beach today If realistic fiction is your jive this book will fit the bill

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