READ ë Sacred Sex: Discover the Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy

Sacred Sex: Discover the Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy

Bernadette Vallely ☆ 1 READ

Y feelings of shame guilt fear or confusion connected to sex; how to expand your psychic awareness and spirituality in your everyday life by opening up to universal energy or God during sex; how sects and secret societies throughout the ages have used sexual energy to explore magic and alchemy and to connect with their god; and the truth about the sexual politics in ancient and recent faiths and cultur.

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This manual discusses how you can make sex a magical and enlightening experience It describes how to get the best out of your sex life and your relationships by connecting to divine energy with your mind body and soul A whole host of traditions not just the Tantric tradition regarded the magic of sex as sacred knowledge and Bernadette Vallely reinterprets these secrets for a modern audience She looks a.

SUMMARY Á SOFYNE.CO.UK ☆ Bernadette Vallely

T how sex has been debased in our Western world and encourages readers to access its true potential Topics covered include how to bring new meaning to your intimate relationships by focusing on love compassion honesty and respect; how to experience longer and freuent orgasms; how to increase your stamina and sexual desire; how to raise your level of self love and relationship success; how to release an.

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