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    I received a copy of Touchable Love in exchange for an honest review Summary Christy has dreams of becoming a successful photographer but she has lived fast and wild and fears she has contracted HIV In an attempt to get her life back on track she starts working for Paul a successful gay photographer who is dying of AIDS He wants her to photograph his journey to death for a book to help others avoid his mistakes and encourage them to get testedAnd so begins the untraditional love story of Christy and Paul Experiencing real love for the first time in her life she secretly fights to keep him alive against his unflinching decision to refuse treatment for his condition As Paul’s health deteriorates Brian Paul's nurse enters their lives—and falls in love with ChristyChristy becomes deeply depressed and isolates herself from everyone including Brian The months pass until one day she sees Paul’s publisher and lawyer on TV promoting Paul’s book She realizes that she wants to make a difference—she wants to finish what Paul and she startedSo Christy begins the work of taking her life back She reconnects with Brian connects with other women and searches for the courage to face her past and get tested HIV positive or not she wants to begin her new lifeMy ReviewI have previously reviewed another novel by Becky Due The Dumpster and it was not for me I did really appreciate the author emailing me thanking me for giving her a try and she did offer to send me another title for my thoughts I thought this was great because I have been blasted by authors for favorable reviews which is really disheartening as a book blogger So I did appreciate Due and even though I was a bit apprehensive I gave Touchable Love a go I again just couldn’t get into the book It took me almost to the end to connect with the characters and even though there was a nice little twist ending that I caught it was hard for me to really get into it because I struggled throughout the majority of the book I’m bummed that it didn’t work out for me but again I commend Becky Due for her professionalism in this industry

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    Originally reviewed at Book of Secrets25 StarsTwenty eight year Christy has had a rough life She has been raped multiple times worked as a prostitute and struggled with bulimia She has had numerous one night stands and has never been in a real relationship Plagued with low self esteem all her life she doesn’t know how to love anyone How can she when she doesn’t even like herself? Fed up with her life in Minnesota she moves to Florida to accept a position as an assistant for a famous photographer named Paul Her job assignment is to shoot photos of Paul while he is dying of AIDS Paul lost his partner to the disease three years prior and has given up on life because he wants desperately to join Jim on the other side But before he dies Paul wants the last days of his life documented through photos that will be published as a book about AIDS He hopes the book will help other people to understand the affects of the disease and the need for protection against the HIV virus Paul and Christy become extremely close during their months working and living together Christy finally realizes what it is like to have someone to love Even though she doesn’t love Paul in the traditional sense she starts to open up her heart to the possibilities of falling in love with a man Then Brian Paul’s nurse enters her life He knows right away that Christy is the one for him But it takes Christy awhile longer to recognize that her feelings for Brian are true loveI went into this book expecting a very emotional read Unfortunately I was disappointed Even though the heroine Christy was a very sympathetic character I felt her voice was very detached The scene where Paul passed away should have had me in tears but my eyeballs stayed dry This book had a touching storyline and I expected to be sucked in except the emotional element was lacking throughout the book The story idea was good and I completely empathized with both Christy’s and Paul’s struggles but the flow of the book seemed very disjointed and lacked feeling Touchable Love gets 25 stars

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    This is a very different book from my every day reading Christy is a woman who is struggling with herself as a person She doesn't have a lot of self worth about herself and just kind of floats along in life She really hasn't found her place yet She puts a lot of her self worth into her body After uitting a job as a nude model she finds herself wanting to be on the other side of the camera She gets an offer from a man named Paul who happens to be dieing from aids He wants her to photograph his life and after he is gone finish his book and distribute the book for free She won't make money off this deal but her name will be known She does this but as she takes the time photographing Paul she falls in love with him and doesn't understand how she will ever gets past losing him Another man in Paul and Christy's life is Brian Christy and Brian bond as the end of Paul's days comeI was captivated by this book The writing style is uniue and different The story itself is different from what the average reader is used too It isn't every day we sit down and read a love story that involves aids and other diseases and how real these diseases really are That there are people out there everyday dieing This book leaves you with mixed emotionsI really enjoyed this book and I would recommend this to a friend I recommend this to readers who like a story that will leave them thinking and don't mind seeing the other side of life that might be ugly

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    Struggling to overcome her broken self worth beaten down self esteem and her inner balance is what you will read as Becky Due shares with you a part of her life story Her ability to share her feelings with her readers through the words in this book are exceptional and very effective You will feel her emotional frustrations and inability to move forward as she lives in a world of confusion and loneliness as though they were your own These are just a few issues that the author reveals to us her readers in hopes to enlighten and educate us in regards to a loss of personal empowerment and self love She will share a love story that is untouchable in so many ways As her title reads An untouchable Love Story Touchable Love is an inspiring unpredictable story of 3 people all brought together for reasons unknown to them Through Becky Due's experiences we gain a certain hind site in matters of body image self love self acceptance and inner peaceWomensselfesteemcom highly recommends TOUCHABLE LOVE as a truly inspirational read You will see clearly that is it initially up to us as individuals to take the action and accept the responsibility necessary to move forward To move forward is the only way toward making positive change work and to finding an inner balance and a healthy self esteem

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    Touchable Love by Becky Due was a surprisingly touching and introspective read for me Honestly I had expected a somewhat typical love story with run of the mill mishaps and hardships but found out rather uickly that this book wouldn't be one of those The pain these characters go through is very real and very raw Their ordeals are far common than we'd like to admit many of us having gone through these exact same situations ourselves without fully understanding or dealing with them Life isn't always peachy and it's far from perfect We all go through rough patches we all make poor decisions at one time or another and we all need to get over it and make peace with ourselves before the clock runs out I would certainly recommend Touchable Love to anyone looking for something genuine and at times a bit taboo Becky Due does a wonderful job bringing up topics we don't always care to talk about or even acknowledge and will cause you to truly stop and think about where you've been and where you're going in this somewhat crazy life we're living At times the story seems a tad rushed and rough around the edges but I still say it's a great readHazel O'SheaWritten for the Juniper Grove Blog

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    Not uite what I was expecting yet I must say that there was a nice little twist at the end What I do love about Becky's books is that they are about women struggling to overcome their battles to achieve greatnessWhen Christy was first asked to completely change her life in order to document Paul's life while battling the road that he lived with AIDS she hesitated She knew this would help her career though so it was for the best Paul didn't have long to live She wasn't there to help as an aide he had made that uite clear to her Her job was to document and take pictures in his weakest moments So that's just what she did Christy had never let herself get close to anyone before so when Paul passed she was shocked and furious at how much he broke her heart for not taking his meds to stay healthier The only person Christy had to turn to now was Paul's doctor Brian Brian was crazy over Christy but she just wouldn't let him in The uestion isWill she ever open up as she did with Paul?Or will it be too late?

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    Christy has a secret past – one that makes her uestion whether she will ever be worthy of being loved We follow her as she progresses in her determination to lead her life differently The lessons she learns along the way are universal lessons She tackles big issues prejudice self loathing but also shows us her compassionate humanitarian side And of course there is romance Structurally this is a different kind of novel It has the flavor of the traditional plot driven novel which Becky Due does uite well But where she shines is in the parts that read like a spiritualhow to guide Any person who needs to take control of their lives who needs tools for strength and self confidence would do well to read this book if only for the delightful scene between Christy and her therapist Here Becky Due takes of her novelist hat and puts on her therapist one as she instructs on the three ways to release unwanted baggage four keys to happiness and two rules in finding the love of your life Delightful entertaining and inspiring reading

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    Touchable Love a finalist in the Indie Awards IP Awards and Best Book AwardsTake a look at wwwbeckyduecom

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Touchable Love

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Ed her body and slowed down enough to realize what she truly wanted Love Will Christy face her past so she. This is a very different book from my every day reading Christy is a woman who is

SUMMARY Touchable Love

Christy's secret is forcing her to avoid love and relationships If only she had made better choices respect. I received a copy of Touchable Love in exchange for an honest review Summary Chri

FREE DOWNLOAD ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ¶ Becky Due

Can look forward to her future Can she open her heart and let somebody in Will Christy let somebody love he. Not uite what I was expecting yet I must say that there was a nice little twist a

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Becky Due is an award winning author abstract artist fitness enthusiast and introvert who loves peopleBecky has been a guest on national TV and radio programs and the subject of numerous newspaper and magazine articles for empowering women She has served as a guest speaker at women’s resource centers shelters colleges and high schools throughout the United States and worked as a victim’s a