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Three Wishes

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A storyteller of unparalleled emotional intensity bestselling author Barbara Delinsky has created a novel that resonates far beyond its extraordinary love story Here is a tale of courage community and the magical conseuences of being given a second chance What if wishes really could come true It's the uestion facing waitress Bree Walker whe. I really like Barbara Delinsky's writing However I was disapointed with the outcome of this book NOT just because it had a sad ending but because she had the opportunity to show that love could overcome even the worst of circumstances The three wishes were given to Bree as a gift of time since her life had been tragically taken from her I think the story would have been better if at the end Bree realized that the wishes were not real but rather the joy that comes from reaching out and claiming happiness is what they were really all about I knew about 23 of the way through how this book would end I skipped to the last page and saw key words that verified my fears I then went back so I could see what happened I didn't like it I don't like reading sad books Reading is my escape so I like a happy ending I know I will read of her books but I'll have to give it a while so I'm not hit with another ending like this one

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Make sense of his fame; and who now makes Bree his causeSuddenly the things Bree has wanted most; a home a soul mate a family; are within her grasp But are the wishes real And if they are what is their price As Bree and Tom consider what their hearts truly reuire they discover that to live their dreams they will have to take unimagined ris. I loved this book because it is so romantic and moving It has a story line that keeps you reading and when that third wish was granted my heart ached This is truly a tale of giving everything for love

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N she awakens in the hospital following a blizzard in sleepy Panama Vermont While she can't recall the near tragedy that landed her there she's overcome with the certainty that she has been granted three wishes One seems to have come true already; at her side is renowned author Tom Gates the accident's only witness who had come to Panama to. This was the most predictable book I've read in ages I knew by the fourth chapter exactly how it would end and I was completely accurate I only picked this up because I read While My Sister Sleeps and liked it But I don't think I'll read of this author

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