CHARACTERS ´ Her Pastor's Demons

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Her Pastor's Demons

REVIEW Her Pastor's Demons

What if a girl's lust was so great that she attracted not only men but a legion of demons into her body What if the only way she could be released from Satan's grasp was to have her lady parts purified by her pastor's holy manhoodCaught giving a blow job to a boy in church 18 year old Kate can't help but fear for her soul when Pastor Jonathan reveals a little known truth to her Those sexual stirrings that she feels when boys look at her and touch her those urges that most adults tell her are normal f.


Or a teenager are in fact caused by evil spirits from Hell that have come to reside in her nether regions and her sexual impurity is making the infestation worse The only way she can be rid of them he explains is to perform a secret ritual only known to Church elders; luckily Pastor Jonathan is privy to the sacred knowledge and is willing to take on the risks to free her from Satan's armiesThough at first a bit confused and a touch skeptical once Kate realizes that the exorcism will reuire the handso.


Me pastor's cock to enter her in order to cast out the demons she uickly submits to his experienced will and agrees to be purified Things get complicated however when Kate's step father discovers her fornication and vows to punish her for her immoralityThis highly inappropriate story contains sexual situations between a pastor and a member of his congregation as well as between a step daughter and her step father with a light amount of physical punishment It is intended for those who are 18 and older.