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His determination to do everything in his power to produce a child of genius Pope exposes the true folly of the men of his age and their absurd veneration of the ancients As this hallowed chi. A mock satir

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Rich with hilarious episodes Scriblerus is an ingenious satire of false learning and bad taste that has much to say to the pseudo intellectual world of today By taking one ambitious father and. It's obvious LDK T01 pseudo intellectual world of today By taking one ambitious father and. It's obvious

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Ld grows into a man it becomes clear that instead of being the scholar his father so desired he is simply the inevitable offspring of a laughable generation of pseudo intellectuals and literat. #1001books # Eye Shield 21, Tome 17 : pseudo intellectuals and literat. #1001books #

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    A charming Rabelasian suib which also looks forward to Tristram Shandy only written by a bunch of fabulous people instead of one fabulous person The first few chapters very proto Shandyan are satires on The Learned Man who has no idea what he's doing and could be of interest to those who dislike mansplaining; Cornelius Scriblerus' advice to his wife and wet nurse on the art of breast feeding is particularly hilarious We all know that guy although our version of 'that guy' is probably less well read There then follow the Rabelasian chapters on Scriblerus' education in which he and his punning friend Crambe raise hell the bad and some very good puns are combined with corpse humor and pronounce on themes anatomical Ocular demonstration seems to be on your side yet I shall not give it up with some asides against the eighteenth century editorcritics and on themes metaphysical with rips on both Descartes and materialists Finally and less easy to get through parodies on popular romance in which Scriblerus discovers the love of his life one of conjoined twins who share one set of sexual organs then a parody of the legal profession is Scriblerus a bigamist? an adulterer? and finally some Swiftian nonsense not as funny as Swift's own works which ends the book on a down note But wildly entertaining otherwise

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    It's obviously tricky for a 21st century reader to really grasp 18th century satire I thought I was in for a lengthy read when this book arrived but discovered most of the book is just notes explaining the inside jokes of the text Like reading a Stephen Colbert book 100 years from nowThere was still a lot I enjoyed even without jumping back and forth to the notes The introduction of a father who is determined to employ every means to raise his son to become a man of the arts on par with the Great Latins would make a set up for any modern comedy He is constantly thwarted of course Some of the jokes run a little strange Martinus' fight with some kind of ape is comical and bizarre Then there's a trial over the legal definition of vagina ownership

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    Witty at first but the description of how Martinus Scriblerus is educated by his Father gets tedious after a few pages

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    A mock satirical biography with some inventive comic sketches It is a novella published in 1741 written by a number of writers of the time collated and finalised by Alexander Pope The over the top father has high hopes of having a genius for a son named Martin The father provides Martin with a most thorough education in order to be a great critic We follow Martin's life his birth infancy schooling diet his works loves and marriage The notes provide the reader with a greater appreciation of the authors satirical intentionsAn interesting humorous read

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    Pope reveals the ludicrous nature of relying on ancient knowledge when its application is used without one's own critical thinking for time place and context Humorous yet subtle and satisfying

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    The satire is a lot accessible than say Tale of a Tub The mockery of the legal profession is still pertinent alas The text itself is relatively brief and not difficult although the edition I read had hundreds of pages of explanatory notes This is a rather delicious irony when one considers that it was written in mockery of pedantry and academic pettifoggeryI enjoyed it a great deal although like all compilations some parts are better than others The passage about the enthusiasm of Martin's father for a worthless shield and his annoyance when his maid cleans the rust off it revealing that what he took for an ancient warrior's erection is actually the head of a nail reminded me so forcefully of my own brother an archaeologist whose enthusiasm for antiuity sometimes outstrips the evidence of common sense that I laughed out loud And as for the complications that ensue when our hero falls in love with one of a pair of Siamese twins

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    Another in the vein of The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy Gentleman or Augustus Carp Es By Himself Being The Autobiography Of A Really Good Man It has its moments

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    Not terribly unreadable and not altogether boring and trying and uite Rabelaisian and uite a surprise enjoyment on the 1001 Books to Read list I suppose it's to be expected considering satire to be an acuired taste but in the hands of many masters it's actually not untriumphant a piece of literature

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    #1001books #488leftThis was interesting and very Candide like but not as long and therefore not as developed Martin’s adventures are alluded to only and not detailed which would have made this better I think

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    This book was delightful There were points where I actually laughed out loud which needless to say is rare

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