Geek Lust


's frenzied desires heats it up like 121 Giga Suns It spotlights some of the awesomest real and fictional geeks in history including Einstein Madame Curie Nerdist Chris Hardwick and Steve Urkel ; features classic science fiction and horror stories; the greatest experiences to have playing video games; gadgets gone wild; various top lists such as the hottest cryptids; and thin. Packed full of geekdom from scientists to tv shows to comic books Langley covers


Get Your Geek OnUnless you're horndog Howard Wolowitz from The Big Bang Theory the words geek and lust are seldom found in the same sentence Until now bubWhether it's the most recent tweet from Felicia Day the newest book from Terry Pratchett or the latest anything from Joss Whedon the world is a smoking hot happening place for GeeksGeek Lust a humorous celebration of Geekdom. Geek Lust het boek dat iedere nerdgeekfanboyfangirl zou moeten hebben Lees hier m

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Gs from Star Wars that could be euphemisms for your genitalsIf you yearn for time travel robotics and cloning; if Kirk still captains your imagination; and if when all is said and done you still can't decide between Linda Carter's Wonder Woman or Lucy Lawless's Xena Warrior Princess welcome to Geek LustAnd by the way is it hot in here or did the next generation iPhone just dr. Dry one liners and snarky bits abound in this guy's trek through all the geeky ge

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