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Night Lords Night Lords #1 3

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Ir primarch Guided by the visions of the prophet Talos a warband from this sinister Legion struggles to survive in a constant war against the forces of the Imperium But when they come into conflict. ADB is a man who knows how to write a damned good story His ability to make a damned good story is because the man knows how to make damned interesting and sympathetic charactersTake the VIII Legion of Adeptus Astartes for instance They're traitors siding with Horus during the days of myth known as the Great Heresy They waged brutal war upon the Imperium they had once built all to prove a point to their gene grandfather the Emperor not yet seen as a god about the cost of hubris In other words they're really big hypocrites not to mention sadistically cruel for the sake of cruelty And yet ADB manages to make them look like almost noble warriorsThe Night Lords omnibus is a collection of several short stories as well as the trilogy of novels that came out several years ago that I missed featuring the members of First Claw Tenth Company VIII Legion Night Lords It's a hefty volume clocking in at over 900 pages with relatively small print So you than get your money's worth out of it And despite its obvious heft it's a hell of a great readTalos the 'Soul Hunter' is the main character of the tale Talos is a haunted individual Haunted by the former greatness of his Legion by the former greatness of a cause now long abandoned and haunted by the ideal of the noble warrior that he truly believes the Night Lords once were and could be This is part of the brilliance of Aaron's writing Talos spends so much of the series truly believing his fanciful notion that the Night Lords were noble that they were true warriors even if their methods of forcing compliance and submission were rather brutal than even what the Space Wolves or World Eaters would do This is made all the believable by seeing Talos through the eyes of two slaves Septimus the 7th and Octavia the 8th Through the eyes of these two mortals both of whom in their own way show their unwavering devotion to Talos throughout the tale we see the true greatness within Talos as an individual Talos' greatness both as a warrior and even dare I say it as a man is made all the apparent by its contrast with the rest of the members of his Claw the warband he's attached to and the rest of the Legion as a whole Xarl is a warrior through and through but he rarely has time for Talos' notions of greatnessCyrion is a manipulative sort who seemingly is out only for survival and the joy of battleUzas is on the very verge of falling into Khornate subservience Mercutian might be a bit on the noble side like Talos but even he falls prey to the Night Lords trait of enjoying the slaughter and torture of those they've conuered or defeated And their warband is led by a member of the old Legion from the Heresy days Vandred who is now possessed by a daemon that calls itself The Exalted You can see why so much of Talos' own nobility and ideals are so starkly contrasted by his fellow Astartes Aaron shows uite a bit of the 40K universe in the course of the series that isn't very often showcased such as life within the Eye of Terror the less then reliable promises of Abaddon and the sheer chaotic majesty that is Huron Blackheart's domain within the Eye itself One thing that really stood out to me as well is the sense of decay and near hopelessness that the members of First Claw experience on a daily basis They are fighting forwell they don't really know what they're fighting for They're merely fighting to survive The nuance that Aaron brings to the members of a Chaos Space Marine Legion and their own reasoning's for carrying on the Long War is a refreshing change from the likes of the screaming sorcerers from the first Dawn of War game METAL BOXES In short without giving any of the actual story away I really want you to read this it's that damned good so I don't want to spoil any of it I will say that this is a wonderful story with a refreshing twist on Chaos Astartes While Talos near the end realizes the futility of his ideals and the impossibility of his dreams he still remains as one of the best characters in any 40K story I've read thus far Definitely worth five stars and will definitely be read again in the future If you ever see this many thanks Aaron for such a damned good story

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The omnibus edition of this gripping science fiction series Driven by their hatred of the False Emperor the Night Lords stalk the shadows of the galaxy eternally seeking revenge for the death of the. What a blast Maybe best Black Library omnibus ever after Eisenhorn's one AVE DOMINUS NOX

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With fellow renegades and are hunted by the Eldar of Craftworld Ulthwe the Night Lords find themselves returning to the scene of their greatest defeat and drawn into a battle they cannot possibly wi. Excellent epic and intelligent A detailed review in Bulgarian is coming soon

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