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Ething big that could test friendships destroy relationships and it has become a mask that is becoming increasingly difficult for him to wear Suick is miserable there’s no denying it and of course now that he is on the very cusp of patching in that’s when Aaron walks in to his life Suddenly it’s do or die Come out to the club and. I loved this book and Andy and Aaron's journey It was too fast a read and I say that as a good thing AJ has a way of making me get lost in her books and making time and responsibility disappear I am truly in love with this series and am truly excited for Ghost and Shelly's adventure towards love

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Lose the brotherhood and the only sense of true family he has ever known or don’t and lose them anyways when they find out about Aaron Suick doesn’t see a third option and the deeper he gets in to his situation the his misery compounds Just what will he doMature Audiences Only 18Language Extreme Graphic Violence and MM Sexual Conten. ExcellentThis book was excellent it fills some holes I will bve honest it has a MM relationship with sex so if that's not your thing don't read it but the book is well written and classy not trashy

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Masked MiserableSuick has been a longtime fixture of The Sacred Heart’s MC His boss Trigger is their Sargent at Arms after all It took a while for him to put together a bike to become an official hang around then prospect and he was pretty thrilled that his other boss Zander took the plunge with him Still Suick is hiding something som. Wow Where to begin Love love love this seriesI'm not really into mm but I had to read to find out what happensOMGso loved this book It was extremely well written great with little details that ment the world This story was heart breaking loving compassionate family drama HOTwow mm HOT Loved still seeing how the other characters were doing from previous books meeting new ones Also enjoyed the variety of personalities with all the different charactersvery refreshing This book made me laugh cry want to throw my kindlegreat author to make me feel so deeply HEA yes NO cliffhanger Yeah I did receive a free copy for my honest reviewI would definitely recommend this book Very enjoyable readI am a die hard Disney fan ;