Listen, Benchmark, Recommend

Business approach

Selection assistance with business-oriented approach

Help to define the best solution adapted to the needs of business lines and customer business expectations

Workshop to define functional specifications

Help the businesses to express and define their accurate needs for the evolution of the information system.

Industry benchmarking

Positioning of current and future practices according to major market players’ requirements.

Gap Analysis



Selection assistance

Definition of needs and validation of technical feasibility.


Help to write up a detailed specification.

Vendor solutions benchmark

• Definition of points to validate.
• Help to achieve of benchmarks.
• Synthesis and conclusion.

Information systems harmony

Integration of new systems: validation, interfaces, compatibility, portability, scalability…


Design, Configure, Deploy

Design, definition and concept of core model

Build core model according to customer business processes

Deploy core model throughout your organization

Change management

Go live & support




Total Cost of Ownership

An internal discipline in our project management guarantees the best TCO for our customers. Our focused expertise and ability to benchmark between industries allows us to recommend solution that help reducing cost in each and every cost component.



Delivery excellence

• Definition of points to validate.
• Appreciation of development Charter
• Agile project methodology, adapted to customer requirements
• TOGAF Certification

TCO enhancement

• Global commitment
• Commitment to maintainability and scalability of applications

Focus and acknowledgement of initial planning

• Strong commitment from project teams
• Understanding of customer business needs